The huge benefits of parsley. Why it is one of the most appreciated greens

The huge benefits of parsley. Why it is one of the most appreciated greens

Parsley is one of the most appreciated dishes, not only with the role of flavoring the food, but also has extraordinary effects on our health.

It contains flavonoids, minerals, provitamin A, vitamin B complex, more vitamin C than lemon, and a single scented link from this plant provides us with more protein than two eggs.

The parsley also contains apiol, other vitamins (B, E), calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, iodine, as well as an amino acid called histidine, which stops tumor development. Also, parsley helps the proper functioning of the liver, spleen, endocrine and digestive systems, being a powerful fortifier of immunity.
Few people know that parsley is a great remedy for improving digestion and eliminating toxins. The enzymes contained in the parsley root are of real help to people who have problems with the spleen, but also to the obese, those who suffer from diarrhea, anorexia or fatigue. Last but not least, the common parsley is extremely effective in restoring the liver, strengthening the fragile nails or fortifying the anemones. At the same time, it improves estrogen levels in women and has a beneficial role in the proper functioning of the uterus.
The miraculous effects of parsley also speak for those who suffer from depression, the results appearing astonishingly quickly.

Chlorophyll-rich zarzavatul-miruna also has antibacterial role, stopping the spread of bacteria in the body. He can also quickly resolve the problem of sinusitis. Although it cannot be considered a treatment for inflammation of the kidneys, the parsley prevents the absorption of salt and helps to remove residues from the renal tissue. People who suffer from chronic fatigue, water retention, but also gout are also advised to consume parsley.
Parsley can be used as a medicine in cases of cystitis, being a great help to those suffering from lung diseases. The calcium-flower combination contained in parsley also creates a very strong protective film on the surface of the teeth and bones, preventing possible problems of the oral cavity. Parsley prevents drying of the conjunctiva and cornea, promotes sweating, is an exceptional capillary regenerator, good vermifuge, neutralizes the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol and helps to eliminate cellulite.

How we prepare and manage the parsley leaves

For two, three weeks, consume a handful of fresh parsley every day. In the case of sluggish digestion, drink three cups of parsley tea daily, which you can get from any powder.

She is also excellent parsley salad, which is prepared in the following way: it is very well cut a connection of fresh parsley, to which is added a little olive oil, lemon juice, a little crushed garlic, pumpkin or sesame seeds. The salad is consumed daily, for 14-60 days, in the form of a cure, which is tonic and invigorating, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system.
Real help is also parsley juice, obtained by crushing with the electric juicer. Being very powerful, the parsley juice is consumed for two weeks in small quantities, otherwise it can cause nervous system disorders. The most powerful effects are obtained by mixing parsley juice with celery or carrot juice.

The parsley wine

For the treatment of digestive and appetite problems, as an adjuvant against heart failure and heart disease, it is recommended the parsley wine: 20 fresh stems with leaves are crushed and put in a liter of wine, to which is added 2 spoons of vinegar. Allow to macerate for 7 days, then add 300 g of honey. Stir until melted honey, then strain and put into bottles. Drink a glass of water before the meal.

Parsley straps are contraindicated for pregnant women and for breastfeeding women.


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