The incredible benefits of one of the most banal vegetables

The incredible benefits of one of the most banal vegetables

Vegetable that can be consumed at all seasons and which works wonders for our health.

Onion is a real food medicine. The benefits of the onion are undeniable. Rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, selenium and phosphorus, onions get rid of colds, bacterial infections, coughs, respiratory problems, asthma.

However, the onion mainly protects against cancer, by reducing the number of DNA cells damaged by free radicals.

At the same time, due to the content of organic sulfur compounds the onion offers health benefits. Sulfur amino acids are found in both onion and garlic proteins, as well as eggs.

These specific amino acids, methinoine and cystine, have a beneficial effect on detoxifying the body of heavy metals, practically helping to eliminate mercury, cadmium and lead from the body.

Vitamin C from onion also helps to detoxify the body, and increasing the consumption of onions helps to remove these heavy metals.

The onion is also recognized to keep blood-thirsty insects away.

Experts say, at the same time, that onion is a good remedy for people with a low appetite and for those suffering from atherosclerosis.

The antibacterial properties of the onion are accompanied by its antifungal qualities.

The onion contains flavonoids, compounds that act as antioxidants, having not only a direct antitumor effect, but also properties that stimulate the immune system.

Rich in quercitin, due to this powerful antioxidant, onion also inhibits the development of stomach cancer.

Quercitine from onions thins the blood, lowers cholesterol and contributes to the increase of good cholesterol, prevents blood clots, helps against asthma, bronchitis, fever and diabetes.

A famous Russian doctor by the name of Igor Knjazkin has studied the benefits of onion, one of the most banal vegetables and the conclusions are amazing.

Red onion, he says, can work wonders in thyroid disorders. It contains phosphoric acid capable of cleansing the skin, killing germs and bacteria.

The doctor said that an externally applied natural treatment can be miraculous in thyroid disorders. Nothing complicated, just cut a red onion in two and massage around the neck, in the thyroid area, about 30 minutes. The doctor says that then sleeping with this onion juice on the throat will be beneficial and the thyroid will be stimulated.


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