The Japanese trick with extraordinary results! What happens if you eat a banana in the morning

Bananas are healthy and sour, and a Japanese doctor claims that if you eat one in the morning, the effects are amazing.

The banana diet at breakfast is famous in Japan. It was created by physician Sumiko Watanabe of Osaka who sank 17 kilograms with her.

Here are the rules of the banana diet.

Eat a banana for breakfast

Immediately after waking up, drink a glass of water at room temperature. At breakfast, you need to eat only one banana or two. If you are still hungry for 30 minutes, eat something easy that does not have more than 200 calories.

Lunch and dinner

It is advisable to have dinner before 20.00. Perfectly the last meal of the day is at 18.00, but if you fail to start at 20.00 and try gradually to get dinner even earlier.

At noon and dinner avoids fast food and fast food and jump over the dessert. Get up from the table before you feel full, the Japanese are grateful to the 80% technique.

Drink only water at room temperature and unsweetened teas.


If you love something sweet, you can still eat a black chocolate patch by 15.00.

Try to sleep 8 hours a night

Move, walk.

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