The lack of this trivial vitamin causes severe back and joint pain

The lack of this trivial vitamin causes severe back and joint pain

Severe back and joint pain can be caused by a single vitamin deficiency, writes

Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but rather like a hormone. Instead of being produced by the thyroid, it is produced by the skin when exposed to the sun. It is necessary for many processes in the body.

Cortisol needs large amounts of vitamin D to be produced. Insufficient amounts of cortisol cause joint pain and inflammation. This is why cortisone treatments are needed to relieve pain.

Back pain is related to vitamin D deficiency and vitamin B12, B5 and B6 deficiencies.

Headaches occur in people lacking Vitamin D because they sleep poorly and suffer from depression. Lack of sleep, associated with pain caused by lack of Vitamin D, contributes to headaches.

Professor Doina Catrinoiu, a diabologist and nutritionist, from the University of Ovidius Constanța, told us about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in the body, but also how we can avoid such a deficiency.

So how do we know we don't have enough vitamin D in our body? What are the symptoms? How can we adapt our diet to benefit from the effects of Vitamin D, to have a durable structure? As for the symptoms, "there are a few that the adult presents, such as tetanus or – as it is popularly called – crabs, which are a sign of vitamin D deficiency and usually show a lack of calcium. There is also spasmophilia, which is often overdiagnosed, in my opinion. ” In general, there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the population due to diet. Romanians eat very little fish. The most important source of vitamin D is fatty fish – salmon for example (although any type of fish contains vitamin D). Other foods that can help in the accumulation of vitamin D are beef, cheese, egg yolk. However, the most important source and the one that absorbs the best calcium is fatty fish, fish liver. "There is such an idea in us that fatty fish is fattening, but what about fatty meat? Fat fish is very good, rich in free radicals, a very important and very healthy source for the body. There should be a clearer education of the population regarding fish consumption. And in adults, and in children too, ”says Dr. Doina Catrinoiu.

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