The lack of vitamin B9 has serious consequences for pregnancy

The lack of vitamin B9 has serious consequences for pregnancy

Vitamin B9 plays an essential role during the 9 months of pregnancy. Its lack can lead to irreparable defects in the development of the child.

Specifically, a deficiency of vitamin B9 may be synonymous with the occurrence of major neural tube defects of the fetus, such as spina bifida.

Doctors say that folic acid or vitamin B9 is responsible for the optimal functioning of the apparatus involved in the formation and development of blood cells, but also of the nervous system.

Therefore, what we eat in 9 months of pregnancy is important! Basically, nutrition during pregnancy has a special importance in the harmonious development of the fetus, but also for the health of the pregnant woman.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are indicated to be part of the future mother's daily menu. The lean meat like chicken, turkey, fish is nutritious and contains iron, a micronutrient indispensable to the health of the child.

Here's what foods have folic acid:

The best sources of folic acid are: green vegetables – salad, cabbage, chicory, spinach, beans, artichokes -, fruits – melons, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, bananas, oilseeds – almonds, nuts, soft and fermented cheeses, eggs , citrus fruits, whole grains, liver.

A pregnant woman should include in the daily menu the following foods:

  • Beneficial for pregnancy are whole grains, which contain fiber and folate, which are helpful in digestion, easing it. It also helps the child because it prevents spinal cord malformations.
  • Eggs are a good source of calcium and fat-soluble vitamins, as well as dairy products.
  • Iodine should not be lacking in nutrition, as it can cause serious nutrition problems, and can lead to cretinism. The best sources of iodine are fish or seafood.

The effects of folic acid deficiency are serious!

Vitamin B deficiency can lead to major neural tube defects in the fetus, such as spina bifida. Moreover, the lack of folates or their presence in insufficient quantities in the body of the pregnant woman can trigger spontaneous abortion. Therefore, the pregnancy, at the advice of the gynecologist, will take folic acid from the diet as well as supplements.

If you do not have enough vitamin B9 it is possible to fight with unexplained states of fatigue, with insomnia, but especially increases the risk for neural tube defects in the fetus.

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