The miracle of the cold season. 100 benefits in one fruit

The miracle of the cold season. 100 benefits in one fruit

The miracle of the cold season. 100 benefits in one fruit. Tasty and fragrant, with an unmistakable aroma, popularly called "golden apples", the gourds are not just fruits specific to the cold season, they are considered a true health source for the body.

Their nutritional content is low, however, having vitamins and minerals: vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, PP, provitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, sulfur, potassium and sodium. They also contain water, sugars, tannins, pectins, proteins and organic acids. The specialists attributed to the gut 100 properties, including anti-inflammatory, astringent, analgesic, emollient, tonic and expectorant. Consumed fresh, the gut can remove the feeling of nausea.

Tea from dry leaves is adjuvant in case of heart failure and liver disease. People suffering from hypertension are advised to macerate from the leaves of gut. Those who have disorders of the cardiovascular system are advised to consume raw gut as a diuretic effect.

Recognized for their astringent effect, gut remedies are recommended in the case of enterocolitis, enteritis (inflammation of the intestinal mucosa), but also of diarrhea. Gout improves digestion and relieves diarrhea, uterine bleeding and hemorrhoids. Fresh fruits are recommended as an adjuvant in intestinal infections, including those of the lower colon.

In the diseases of the liver and pancreas, cures in the gut are among the best allies. The slight acidity of the fruits, but also the substances with antioxidant effect stimulate the liver functions and immunity. Moreover, the results of recent studies in Japan have shown that gout contains antiviral substances, which have a beneficial role in hepatitis. The best treatment is chickpea juice, of which about a liter a day is recommended, for a month – a month and a half. In addition to the juice, the peel puree is another good liver protector.

The fresh juice of the gut works wonders in the cure of pancreatitis. In these cases, drink half a glass of quince juice, diluted with half a glass of apple juice, in cures of at least three weeks. Chestnut juice has beneficial effects on pancreatic activity, being an excellent alternative to classic medication.

Guinea pigs are a natural treatment suitable for cold-season conditions. Due to the emollient effect, given by mucilages, cough remedies are recommended in the case of cough, hoarseness and bronchitis. Consumed fresh, the gut relieves respiratory infections or asthma, and as a decoction, the gut is used in nausea or joint pain. Tea made from the kernels of gutters, crushed and boiled, is an excellent remedy against hoarseness or bronchitis, and the gargle with this tea cures tonsillitis or pharyngitis. A good soothing for cough is also the infusion of gut flowers, which has a sedative effect.

Scientific studies have shown that certain gut substances help to destroy malignant cells without affecting normal ones.

Gout is also a good reliever in the case of insomnia, agitation and neurosis. The remedy for these problems is the tea from the leaves of the gut, which has a sedative effect. The gut is also indicated in the case of depression, because the etheric substances found in this fruit have antidepressant properties. In these cases, it is recommended that after each meal, half a drop of boiled honey is consumed.

Gutters ensure success in weight loss belts as they have few calories. However, they are very rich in dietary fiber, which prevents fat assimilation. Nutritionists recommend people who want to lose weight to eat two or three drops daily. With the diuretic and purifying properties, the gut stimulates the elimination of toxins and extra kilos.


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