The most beautiful quotes by Constantin Noica

The most beautiful quotes by Constantin Noica

On July 12, 1909, a great Romanian was born: Constantin Noica – philosopher, poet, essayist, journalist and Romanian writer, post-mortem member of the Romanian Academy – a victim of the communist criminal regime, closed between 1958 and 1964, after 10 years had a compulsory residence at Câmpulung Muscel.

Today marks the 110th anniversary of the writer's birth.

"When someone praises me, I'm panicked, if I find out what I do not know, all I'm not? When he condemns me, I feel calm: I'm still better than that. "

"Christianity is for those of the soul, not for those of the mind."

"To be a relative of the people. Have so much human in you that all men recognize you. "

"Nothing is good, unless it has the infinity, the part of God."

"When a young man grows beautiful, a whole world comes out of trouble."

"You have to run after the balls that you are not sure you catch."

"A school where the teacher does not teach and he's an absurdity."

"In the act of learning, it is not known who gives and who receives."

"Moods, this must be given to others; not content, no advice, no teachings. "

"I saw something unexpected: a merciful man who thanked the beggar for having given him the gift. In fact, he was right to do it. Because the benefactor exists through the receiving one. How grateful the doctor of the sick he has healed! It is not known who gives and who receives. "

"" We are, before God, a fragrance of Christ … from life to life. "What a great writer the apostle Paul. I try to imagine it without Christianity. He would have been one of the "great profane authors," whom Montaigne, Voltaire and Anatole France would have volunteered. "

"All our moral life begins here: between the prodigal son and his brother. We lose and we fall, or we keep and harden our heart. It's bad not to listen, but it's just as bad to know how to listen and remember. "

"I like the curves of the railways. They are well enough for a speed train not to fall apart, but also a little too far for a speed train not to fall in. The coexistence of the opposite. I know the engineers also. But more and more lives know. "

"Thanks also for the day that did not give you anything!"

"A smile of life is enough for everything to make sense."

"I want to ask: to be in history or to be true?"

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