The most effective "medicines" 100% natural. Phytotherapist: "It is not an exaggeration to say that it acts like an antibiotic"

The most effective "medicines" 100% natural. Phytotherapist: "It is not an exaggeration to say that it acts like an antibiotic"

The most effective "medicines" 100% natural. When you wake up with your nose clogged, your forehead burning and with a "needle in your throat" sensation, before running off to the pharmacy to rebuild your stock of medicines, read the advice of specialists on traditional anti-cold remedies.

Simple cures, from the elderly, that can compete with the modern pills created in the laboratory. The latter, however, play their role in treating colds and flu, especially when complications arise.

"Medicament" 100% natural. Beautiful odor therapy

Inhalations with volatile oils of eucalyptus, lemon, fir or pine do wonders in this case, if done like a book.
"It's very simple. Take a pot of boiling water and add 2-3 drops of these oils. We try to breathe as long as possible, with a towel on our head, to insulate. It is advisable to stay like this for about half an hour, but every five minutes we have to add a few more drops ”, reveals Dr. Alice Popescu, a specialist in general medicine, with expertise in acupuncture and phytotherapy.

Volatile oils not only clean the mucosa of the airways "soaked" with particles of viruses and bacteria, but also have an antibacterial effect.
"It's not an exaggeration to say that it works like an antibiotic. Therefore, inhalations are indicated in sinusitis, laryngitis, etc. Many companies have released a whole range of volatile oils to combat various conditions, not just colds, "adds the doctor.
Patients who want a quick solution, he says, can benefit from the effect of the essences, swallowing them with honey and tea: “In this case, take 3-5 drops three times a day. I go like thyme oil, but also the most exotic ones, like Tea Tree ”.

The doctors in the pantry: radish and mustard flour

Instead, the "donkey" cough responds very well to the homemade black radish syrup. "Give it the raisins and leave it macerated overnight with sugar or honey. It works especially in the cases of productive cough, with expectations ”, is the specialist Alice Popescu's advice. In the same register comes the onion tea sweetened with honey, prepared from a liter of water and a chopped onion, or the infusion of walnuts, with the mention that it should be drunk only in the house, the iodine of walnuts exacerbating the cold sensation.

The cough dries, on the other hand, is relieved by the use of warm compresses applied to the base of the neck and to the chest.
Although it seems a trivial solution, salt gargle solves "red in the neck" situations better than an expensive pharmacy syrup. The classic recipe involves mixing a teaspoon of salt with one liter of water, the best time to gargle right after the meal.

They are not to be neglected in the fight with the cold nor the hot baths standing for 15-20 minutes, not with kitchen salt, but with mustard flour. In contact with water, it "releases" a fatty oil, which stimulates irrigation with blood, so that the skin temperature increases significantly, hence a slight burning sensation.
Mustard therapy pays off especially in complicated febrile conditions and flu, and can be visibly improved in a very short period of time. For one bath, use 30 grams of black mustard flour in ten liters of hot water. A test must be done before the museum to avoid the risk of burns. "Half of the acupuncture meridians reach the feet, and they are activated when we take such a bath," explains Dr. Alice Popescu. In fact, in feverish conditions, it also bears the method of socks soaked in vinegar, or fractions with spirit.

"Medicament" 100% natural. suckers

Another sore remedy that removes the cold from humans through the fire is suction cups. A kind of glass cups that are heated to the flame and applied to the back, less on the column or lumbar side, to the rails. Newer models of plastic have also appeared, which do not require heating, with a pump device. Although the method is not painful, the patient chooses for two or three weeks with a few bruises. "They are put in colds, but also in rheumatism. Suction cups stimulate local circulation by drawing blood and force the body to <> with leukocytes, white blood cells – cells of the immune system that fight with the disease ”, makes the doctor Alice Popescu light.

"Bomb" with the echinacea that destroys the cold

By far, the best doctor against the cold is echinacea, a "star" plant on the market of natural products. Originally from North America, it is rich in flavonoids, but also in copper, potassium, iodine or iron and strengthens the body's defense system by increasing levels of properdin (natural antibody complex).
With almost non-existent side effects, it can be given as a tincture, capsule or tea. "When we have already contracted a virus, the combination of echinacea, zinc and vitamin C. is extraordinary. Because the latter is not stored in the body for a long time. So we can take Vitamin C for three weeks, to stop and not be protected at all. Even a one to two month cure with echinacea tincture is recommended as a preventive measure. Tea is a little more diluted and helps more locally, simply because it is a hot liquid, ”explains the specialist.
Less known, but just as effective are medicinal mushrooms, which are found in any capsule-shaped powder. Due to their rich content in proteins, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other active microelements, mushrooms of Japanese origin Reishi, Shiitake or Maitake are scientifically recognized as extremely powerful immuno-stimulants.


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