The most effective natural laxative and aid in weight loss belts. It treats constipation and "melts" the fat on the belly

When you need to go for a stomach-lowering operation

The most effective natural laxative and aid in weight loss belts. It treats constipation and "melts" the fat on the belly

Plums are an effective natural laxative and help to lose weight. Plums have remarkable health benefits, being extremely rich in vitamins A and B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron.

It is recommended for asthenics, athletes, children and people suffering from constipation or liver disease. Recently, scientists at the University of Liverpool have provided evidence that plums help in weight loss regimes.

They analyzed about one hundred overweight adults, who did not consume foods high in fiber (an element that dried plums have full). After three months, an average weight loss of 2 kg was found in people who had consumed dried plums, compared to only 1.5 kg in those who had not appealed to food.

Waist circumference decreased by 2.5 cm in those who ate plums, and by 1.7 cm in others. The effect of dry plum consumption on weight has been more pronounced in the last four weeks of diet.

Plums, natural laxative

Three recipes with plum

Plums have a natural laxative effect and are a viable treatment against constipation. There are several variants for their preparation.

  • Nutritionists recommend dried plums or mayonnaise as being more effective in constipation than fresh fruits. 3-4 dried plums consumed daily are sufficient to prevent constipation.
  • Six or seven dried fruits are left to soak overnight in a glass of water, and in the morning, on an empty stomach, drink the liquid first, then eat the fruit.
  • Plum magic recipe. Wash the fresh plums, remove the seeds, then plums are given by the grinder. In a saucepan, place the pasta over a low heat, taking care to mix constantly. To get rid of this inconvenience you can put the pan in the oven. Those who like the sweetest juice can add sugar, about 50 grams to a kilo of plum. It is kept on fire for about 4-5 hours until the magic drops (about 50% or even more than it was initially) and has a dark, almost black color. At the end of the boil, you can add walnut (one kilogram of walnut to 10 kilograms of plum). Put the magic in the jar and chill.
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