The most effective technique of chasing negative energy

The most effective technique of chasing negative energy

The most effective technique of chasing negative energy

An ancient practice of chasing away negative energies from a closed or open space. It is a method of purification, inherited from ancestral estates, from the American Indians.

That's why it's good to smoke at home. It is said that smoke emanating from a selection of herbs cleans and purifies the space, but also the people around, the objects, the decorations, the whole environment.

8 benefits of fumigation

In addition to cleaning bacteria air and producing negative ions, which are the most important benefits

  • It helps you focus better
  • Smoke will clear the rooms, eliminate negative energy, stinging sensations, air that seems closed
  • Fumigation is the anti-depressant of nature, a scientist said. Dr. Clarence Hansell investigated the effects of negative ions in the air in the 1930s, after observing that one of his colleagues' mood changed in response to the ions generated by their equipment, discovered that his colleague was happier then when the invention produced negative and more agitated ions when producing positive ions. In a controlled study published in 1998 in the General Psychiatric Archives, focusing on seasonal affective disorder or DAS, which was an extension of Hansell's work, researchers found that pure ion loaded negative air was an effective treatment method and prevention of depression, and its effects on serotonin levels, similar to how antidepressant drugs work.
  • Fumigation purifies air, especially dust, bacteria, animal drops, mold spores, or other potential allergens.
  • Cleaned including objects, not just the environment.
  • They give a relaxing effect, okay
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve sleep

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