The most healthy types of meat recommended by nutritionists

The most healthy types of meat recommended by nutritionists

For those who want alternatives to pork, poultry is the variant with maximum benefits. Contains proteins that repair body tissues, vitamins and essential acids. At the same time, it has a low content of harmful fats, being recommended in the diet of those who have high cholesterol.

However, there are several variants available on the market, some with higher qualities. "Of all the types of poultry, ostrich and turkey are the best, in my opinion. The turkey meat is rich in conjugated linoleic acids that have the property to redistribute fat and has anticancer action. In addition to turkey, ostrich meat is rich in long chain omega 3 fats, essential fatty acids, which ensure good functioning of the brain, heart and strengthens the immune system, ”says Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Mencinicopschi. These types of meat should not be fried.

As for the chicken, Mencinicopschi recommends organic chicken. "It is certified as such by the rectangular label with the EU leaf and the identification mark of the body that made the certification. The organic chicken has a healthy meat and is easy to digest, with a high nutritional value. I say this because the organic chicken is raised in a monitored system, the birds are fed to the soil, have access to grass and sand, without antibiotics and hormones, ”explained the nutritionist.

He also says that, if needed, chicken can be consumed and bought from the supermarket, with the mention that people suffering from rheumatism, heart disease, or have a high level of cholesterol remove the skin before preparing the meat. "It is rich in omega 6 pro-inflammatory fatty acids that also have carcinogenic action. Or you can fry the meat but in non-hydrogenated palm oil. This non-hydrogenated oil is resistant to frying, it can even prepare chicken meat with fish without smelling the odors ”, explained Mencinicopschi. Regarding the quantities, the chicken should be consumed in moderation, 2-3 times a week in portions of 100-150 grams.

65% of Romanians consume almost daily chicken meat, the average monthly quantity being 2-3 kilograms, a study by Transavia shows. Most prefer chicken breast. "Of all the types of poultry meat, I recommend the poultry," says Prof. dr. Nicolae Hâncu. The meat should be eaten three times a week, in portions of 100-150 grams. "On Thursday and Friday you can eat vegetables and brown pasta, including black rice here. You eat fish on Saturdays and Sundays, "adds the nutritionist.

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