The most modern Center for Clinical and Interventional Cardiology was opened in Brasov

The most modern Center for Clinical and Interventional Cardiology was opened in Brasov

The newest center of Clinical and Interventional Cardiology in Romania was recently opened in Brasov. The center that is part of St. Constantine Hospital has a Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography laboratory which is equipped with the most modern angiography at the present time which will allow coronary arteriography, arteriography, stent coronary angioplasty and peripheral stent angioplasty. The opening of this center is all the more important as Romania is in the top of the countries with the highest death rates due to heart disease.

Benefits for physicians and patients

High performance, the new angiograph offers multiple benefits to patients and complements the skills of the medical team. Thanks to the advanced technology, a significant reduction of the radiation dose applied to the patient of up to 60% is obtained, compared to the conventional technology, the device offering a better visibility with up to 70% of the small vessels and a reduction of the pulses by up to 43% , for better image quality and a lower dose of irradiation for the patient.

The new angiograph offers high contrast resolution, high image quality with advanced 3D imaging technology. It also provides precision to provide the best guidance during the procedural interventions in cardiology, interventional radiology, surgery;

The Center of Clinical and Interventional Cardiology has a capacity of 17 beds, of which 2 beds of USTACC (Surveillance and Advanced Treatment Unit of Critical Cardiac Patients) equipped at the highest level, where patients with diagnoses of all pathology of diseases will be treated. cardiovascular.

Patients will be able to benefit from treatments settled by the state

Although there are other centers for the treatment of heart disease in Romania, it is increasingly difficult for them to serve the large number of patients who need medical help. For this reason, St. Constantine Hospital has also signed a collaboration agreement with the National Health Insurance House, so that patients will be able to benefit from treatments settled by the state.

The team of cardiologists of the new center

The performance of the new Clinical and Interventional Cardiology Center is also given by a team of professional doctors such as: Dragoș Lupu, Dr. Cristian Popescu, Dr. Emil Moldovan (interventional cardiologists), Dr. Adina Frâncu, Dr. Liliana Jupoiu, Dr Mohamed Jeridi, Dr. Ofelia – Daciana Khayaei-Heravi (Clinical Cardiologists).

Cardiovascular diseases in Romania

According to the data of the Romanian Society of Cardiology, in Romania, two thirds of the death cases are caused by heart disease, thus Romania is in a leading place in the top of the countries on the continent. By comparison, the European average for death caused by heart disease is 50%.


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