The most toxic plants we keep in the house can kill us

The most toxic plants we keep in the house can kill us

If you love houseplants, know that you have to be very careful about the selection you make. Some very popular ones are particularly dangerous. In an interview with the Eveniment of the Day, the researcher Costel Vântoru warns the plant lovers! Here is a top 10 of the most dangerous.

Oleander is a shrub of the apocynaceous family, up to five meters high, with lanceolate leaves, with white, red or yellow flowers, beautifully smelling. Wood, bark and leaves are used in medicine. However, do not consume leaves or seeds of glitter! They are extremely toxic, cause nausea, heartburn, stroke, coma and even death!

Christmas it is an ornamental flower that blooms around Christmas, often found in Romanian homes. It has pink flowers and red leaves, but very toxic. Swallowing the leaves causes violent diarrhea and rash. The crushing of the leaves between the fingers can cause, if we bring that hand to the eye, the temporary loss of vision!

Ivy is a climbing plant, extremely loved in Europe, including Romania. There are few houses that do not have at least one exterior wall covered by this prolific plant. But be careful! Its leaves, chewed or swallowed, generate hallucinations, states of fainting, delirium. Especially in the case of children.

Aloe vera is a plant grown especially for its medicinal properties. The inmates used it to treat burns, but they did so knowing that only the strain and sap inside are not toxic, the membrane that separates these layers, instead, causing dizziness, headache, fever, rash, coloration of urine in red.

azalea is a plant with lovely flowers and fragrances, highly appreciated throughout the world. But be content only with the sweetening of her white, pink or red flowers, because the swallowed leaves are deadly. The process begins with terrible abdominal pain, stinging, paralysis of the hands and feet, to end with a coma followed by death.

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