The most unhealthy combinations of foods. Never eat at the same meal these foods!

The most unhealthy combinations of foods. Never eat at the same meal these foods!

Combinations of non-recommended foods. Food association has certain compatibility characteristics that, if not followed, result in long and difficult digestion, fermentation and generation of toxic compounds: abdominal bloating, constipation, burns, malabsorption, malnutrition, various acute or chronic diseases.

Livia Nena, A nutritionist biologist, explains what happens in the absence of a proper association of foods, and explains how to combine healthy foods to avoid digestive problems.

Incorrect combinations (protein-meal) primarily block digestion and keep food in a semi-gidd state. This leads to fermentation processes or putrefaction processes. Fermentation processes result in diarrhea, and putrefaction processes result in constipation. The two processes can lead to the multiplication of negative bacteria at the intestinal level.

The unhealthy classic combination is between protein and nuts. Also, no protein combining between them is not healthydue to the difference in time required for digestion of each type of protein, for example: meat cheese, cheese with meat.

No red or white meat, fish or composite food will be eaten at the same table(rulade, sausage, pasta) with cheeses. Also, do not associate milk proteins with milk, because the acidity of the gastric juice in combination with the milk protein (casein) leads to its precipitation, casein, and practically forms an insulating coating on the pieces of meat, which are not digested optimally.

Another unhealthy combination: fats and fatty foods along with protein foods. so fats(oil, butter, lard) in combination with meat, eggs and cheese.

Through unhealthy combinations we have and foods containing animal proteins with starchy foods and I will give the classic example: potato meat (fries, hoofs, puree, etc.). Also, another example of uncommon combination It would be meat with pasta garnish or meat. Because meat requires acidic gastric juices for digestion, and starch and starch require alkaline gastric juices. When we eat them together, meat with starch or meal, digestion is stopped.

Meat can be combined with salads.

Nu combines fruit and sugar with food starchy. As, the association of sweet foods (fruits containing fructose) and sugars with proteins is not recommended! Also, do not combine starchy foods with beverages and acidic or acre foods, or with alcohol. It should be known that alcohol is an element that stops digestion of food and practically blocks digestive enzymes. Because of this,alcohol does not combine and does not drink during the meal.

Fruits must be only snacks, between meals. Between the morning and the lunch, two hours after the morning, a fruit snack is eaten. It is very correct this way, following two hours until lunch. It is advisable to there are two hours before the fruit table, two hours after the fruit meal.

What are healthy combinations?

We will find that these combinations do not correspond to what we eat classically. But the fact that these combinations are not taken into account is clearly seen in so many digestion problems. Healthy combinations of foods: legumes (soy, beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, etc.) are complementary to starch (flour, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn), together increasing their biological value of proteins. The combination of greens with greens is favorable, because the mineral salts in them facilitate lipid cleavage. Fully natural natural foods, fresh or, if appropriate, prepared by appropriate methods consumed in correct associations, facilitate the digestion and absorption of nutrients, with health benefits and quality of life.

Consumption of natural foods in the right association, in the form of simple dishes in reasonable quantities in a balanced and diversified diet, with the alternation of weeks of weekly exclusion of fats and animal proteins has strong positive effects on the level of physical and mental energy. With regard to healthy combinations we can consume, e.g, vegetables and herbs with proteins. So protein salads. Green salads or vegetables (beans, cauliflower, broccoli, courgettes) we can associate them with proteins (meat, milk, eggs, cheese). This is a classic beneficial association. Starch, such as potato, and pasta (pasta, bread), everything containing flour can be associated with vegetables and herbs.

So we have two main categories: A. proteins and B. pasta. Combining them is not a beneficial combination, but each category we can combine it with vegetables and vegetables. so proteins can be combined with vegetables and vegetables, and pasta with vegetables and vegetables. Beware, sugar and fruit only between meals! Sugar products and fruit between meals, because both fructose and sucrose cause fermentation phenomena that are not at all beneficial to health.

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