The nail, a seemingly harmless habit. Hides serious mental disorders

The nail, a seemingly harmless habit. Hides serious mental disorders

Nail color is common in millions of people around the world. Although apparently a harmless gesture, psychologists warn that this habits have dangerous mental disorders behind.

Moreover, it is an inappropriate gesture and for teeth, the enamel will be seriously affected if the skill will last a long time.

The nail blossom. There are a lot of adults in the world or children who have their nails. Psychologists warn that this self-help gesture is based on a rather serious mental illness, according to the Daily Mail.

According to specialist doctors, nail polish can turn into a very dangerous vice, it's easier to quit smoking than to nail clippers.

The nail blossom. The medical staff have conducted a series of studies on this habit and are seriously considering changing it from a harmless gesture to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Moreover, nail polish may resemble the characteristic behavior of ADHD, say medical experts.

"Just as patients who get hair or injuries on the surface of the skin, self-medicating gestures, those who make their nails can fall into the same category as those who suffer from mental instability, but that in a very high category "said Carol Mathews, a psychiatrist at the University of Calofornia, according to NBC.

Nail roughening is regarded as a very serious habit when the patient practicing it causes its own pain, and can not use its hands anymore because the injuries caused can lead to severe infections.

In addition, when they get their nails, people are exposed to a range of diseases, as microbes can be spread from the nail to the lips or directly into the mouth.

Experts say a way to get rid of this habit is to wrap the nails in bandages or to anoint them with lemon, hot pepper or walnut.

In any case, given the emotional implications of the gesture, it is good to use a gentle and tactful approach when trying to persuade the person who bruises his nails not to do it anymore.

And the first thing has to be solved the cause of the stress that led to the nail's redness.

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