The natural remedy that keeps your blood sugar in the brake. Ally of hope in the fight with diabetes

The natural remedy that keeps your blood sugar in the brake. Ally of hope in the fight with diabetes

Blood sugar can be controlled with a few natural remedies. And the one proposed today maintains an adequate level of glucose in the blood.

After each meal, your blood glucose levels increase, and when you are stressed, exhausted or not eating regularly, your blood sugar drops.

A low blood sugar level (hypoglycaemia) can be identified by the most common symptoms: sudden dizziness and fatigue, while a high blood sugar level (hyperglycaemia) is harder to detect because it does not appear after minutes or hours, but after several days. Thus, if the blood glucose level fluctuates or increases over time, it can cause diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, retinal damage, or microvascular disease.

Adopt simple but effective measures, such as daily physical activity (30 minutes / day), a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables with a low sugar content (3-5 servings / day), maintaining normal body weight and avoiding tobacco. can have beneficial effects in the fight with diabetes.

White duct reduces glucose uptake. A good way to keep your blood sugar level under control is to take dietary supplements containing white mulberry extracts. This was one of the effective remedies for maintaining glucose levels within normal limits by glucose uptake. But the benefits of white mulberry do not stop here:

It is beneficial in certain chronic conditions of the digestive tract, in improving digestion, stimulating appetite and gastric acid secretion and eliminating constipation.

White mulberry fruits are used to eliminate fatigue and dizziness, anemia and incontinence.

White mulberry leaves help to eliminate toxins from the body through perspiration, while bark and twigs are used to lower blood pressure.

The white mulberry bark is also useful in relieving cough, fever, headache and dry red eyes.

Did you know that in Chinese medicine, white mulberry fruits are used as a natural remedy for treating premature hair bleaching, blood purification and combating diabetes?


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