The nightmare that every woman runs away

The nightmare that every woman runs away

You guessed it? About cellulite is it! Even the word cellulite scares you and makes you hide. Cellulite is the nightmare of all women, regardless of their age. If in the cold season it does not give you too much headaches, summer and spring is simply your main concern.

Unfortunately, cellulite does not choose, it is a presence both in the weak and the most full of women, in the young but also in the mature woman. True, today, you have plenty of creams and cosmetic treatments to help you, but it costs you a lot and does not get rid of it. Ideal is to change your lifestyle, to be as active as possible, to do constant sports and not occasionally. Equally important is what you eat. Specialists claim that nutrition is essential when you want cellulite to be diminished.

From a medical point of view, cellulite is a process of degeneration of subcutaneous cells indicating localized lipodistrophy, caused by intercellular fluid retention in the subcutaneous cellular tissue, and there is also a poor circulation. Typically, cellulite is present on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen. It seems that 8 out of 10 women have cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite:

A lot of factors contribute to the development of this aesthetic problem. The main culprit is sedentary lifestyle, giving up sports, chaotic nutrition, rich in completely unhealthy food. And the lack of proper hydration with plenty of water bears an important fault. Alcohol withdrawal will help you as well as stopping smoking. Anti-cellulite massage if performed regularly can have unexpectedly good effects. Also among the causes of cellulite appearance are hormonal imbalances, endocrine disorders, long-term use of contraceptives, genetic predisposition.

What is the treatment:

Cellulite can improve by removing sedentary behavior and frequent physical activity. The diet is very important. Eat as healthy as possible. Do not over-eat, give up as much as possible to sweets and fast food. Use creams or anti-cellulite gels at the advice of a specialist dermatologist. But be realistic. There is not a miracle cream to buy, apply cellulite to disappear. At most, it can be diminished in appearance, but disappearing, no.

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