The only sure way to prolong life is starvation, say doctors. "Disease is triggered by excess food"

The only sure way to prolong life is starvation, say doctors. "Disease is triggered by excess food"

The body has far more resources to manage food shortages than to process excess food, and studies show that carbohydrates are consumed in the first 24 hours of fasting, then for up to two to three weeks, lipid reserves, said , Monday, Professor Dafin Muresanu.

"Item is not dangerous, thousands of studies prove this. I want to give you scientific arguments. Hypocaloric regimen is indeed a well-researched therapeutic resource – and fasting is not starvation, because fasting generates the satisfaction you get from refraining from eating – because the body has far more resources to manage the problem of reduced calorie and nutrient intake than excess. Diseases are drawn from overfeeding. We have very clear evidence and scientific studies in this regard, "said Professor Dr. Dafin Mureşanu, president of the Society of Neurology of Romania (SNR) and of the Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity (SSNN), at the occasion of the 10th edition of the International Summer School of Neurology, which takes place between 5 and 9 July in Eforie Nord .

According to Professor Dafin Muresanu, post-treatment of pathologies very difficult to control was initiated in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century in an important clinic in Goriacinsk and is based on the principles of physician Yuri Nikolaev who made this observation and developed it later. Then, in the 1960s and 1970s, at the Korsakov Hospital in Moscow, the post was applied with great success to patients with large depression and who were no longer responding to any treatment.

"In Germany, there is a sophisticated clinic specializing in the controlled treatment of the Buchinger Clinic on the shores of Lake Konstantz. In this clinic, the German state reimburses medical services for those who are receiving therapy via post. It is very important because it is a switching therapy, "Dafin Muresanu said.

"The only sure way of extending life is starvation, a slogan that I saw written at a symposium in America," added academician Dr. Laurenţiu Popescu.

Dafin Muresanu said that the body has much more resources to manage food shortages, and food as people do, works more on the principle of pleasure.

"We load the body based on desires with more food than is necessary, which it can not process. By post, a consumption graph of internal resources is obtained which is not appropriately allocated biologically. That is, in the first 24 hours of fasting you consume carbohydrates, then for a long time, up to two to three weeks, you consume the lipid reserves. Approximately 96 percent of the energy consumption in the post is based on lipids, so you lose lipids, and only 4 percent is based on the loss of protein. This until it reaches a critical point that must not be overcome, and that critical point is quite individual and for the human species it must not go for 40 days. It is not accidental, "said the president of the Romanian Society of Neurology.

Professor Dafin Muresanu added that, according to some studies, the tumor cell can not adapt to the hypochalorist regime, and chemotherapy is very much relieved with fasting.

"There is a research group at Charite Hospital in Berlin, Andreas Michalsen has a lot of scientific papers in major magazines on the job. There is a reset that gives you a new profile. Jean Patrice Robbin, another great researcher with a lot of work in this regard, the Cancer Research and Treatment Institute, Norris Cancer Center in Los Angeles, is a very advanced study center for tumor cell behavior in the post. The tumor cell can not adapt to the calorie diet and practically chemotherapy is very much relieved with fasting. It has been observed that patient tolerance is much better in hypocaloric or post chemotherapy, "said Dafin Mureşanu.

He also said that post-man is much more vigorous, his ability to react much better.

"Science shows that the penguin can withstand a hundred days without food, the bear when he does not eat. Post-man is more vigorous, has a much better reaction capacity. Only our regulation remains to consume more than we need, because the body adapts much better to the post. We can get to write on bread: "Take care if you eat too much, you may have health problems! The post involves a little bit of will. Item is not a controversial issue. You see how it can be used as an intervention in certain situations, "Professor Dafin Muresanu pointed out.

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