The pediatric orthopedics department at the "Grigore Alexandrescu" Hospital has reopened

The pediatric orthopedics department at the "Grigore Alexandrescu" Hospital has reopened

The pediatric orthopedics section of the Children's Emergency Clinical Hospital "Grigore Alexandrescu", which was upgraded with funds allocated by the Ministry of Health, was reopened on Wednesday.

According to a press release sent by the Ministry of Health, the department provides monthly consultations for about 10,000 patients and surgery for about 250 to 300.

“'Grigore Alexandrescu' hospital is one of the six emergency units in Bucharest. The pediatric orthopedics department and the operating unit have been modernized and completely refurbished. New tables were purchased in the operating block, versatile, which can be used for adults in disaster cases. The lighting system was completely changed and new beds were purchased, the last generation in the entire section. Other equipment are in the procurement procedure, "said Minister Sorina Pintea, quoted in the statement.

According to the quoted source, this year, the Ministry of Health has allocated 10,000,000 lei to the hospital for endowment with medical equipment, of which 6 million lei have already been spent.

Thus, all 28 beds of the section were changed. The new beds have complete equipment for solving the complex cases of orthopedic traumatology and ensure a special comfort to the patients being considered the safest on the medical market.

Also, all three operating tables in the operating unit have been changed, the oldest of them being from 1970. The purchased tables allow the treatment of any orthopedic or traumatic conditions, including for patients aged 16-18.

According to the MS, the three lamps in the orthopedic operating unit, which were more than 20 years old, were replaced. All operating lamps allow the transmission of images in real time to a pilot center for the purpose of both the supervision of the operative act and for teaching purposes.

For the Orthopedics Section, an image amplifier, a state-of-the-art arthroscope and a complete neuromonitoring system will be purchased, which will increase the degree of complexity of the surgical interventions.

"This autumn we will see the results of the allocations of funds that the Ministry of Health has made this year to all the health units in the country. (…) Unfortunately, there are units that have not started any procedure for the purchase of equipment ”, argued Sorina Pintea.

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