The plant that works wonders for women. It relieves menstrual pain, also recommended for those with fibroma

Lady’s mantle is primarily a plant that works wonders for women, helping to balance the female organism.

The plant has progesterone-like actions, being a wonderful remedy for many women’s affections, especially those related to menopause or menstrual disorders.

Originally from central and western Europe, lady’s mantle grows especially in the hills, plateaus, and mountains. From lady’s mantle you can make powder, tinctures or infusions.

Lady’s mantle helps relieve any type of pain during menstruation, if used as a tincture or tea, being able to stop bleeding between menstruation and reduce excessive bleeding.

At the same time, the plant has astringent qualities, is recommended in cases of diarrhea and relieving wounds in the mouth or on the skin.

It is also useful in cases of uterine fibroids, especially in preventing it.

The plant is also helpful to women who want a baby. In addition, after birth, it helps to restore the uterus and regulates menstruation. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women. But it helps maintain tasks that are at risk of spontaneous abortion and contributes to normal pregnancy.

It also appears to have a beneficial role in relieving the birth, curing the injuries caused during natural birth, and helping to restore abdominal muscles after birth.

In pre-menopause or menopause, lady’s mantle fights disorder, insomnia, hot flashes because it has similar effects to progesterone.

Also, lady’s mantle has astringent properties, it combats muscle spasms, it favors digestion, being very good in indigestion, diarrhea, chronic colitis, gastritis, enteritis.

It is a good remedy for skin ulcer as it has antiseptic properties.

Stomatitis and gingivitis are diseases that can be alleviated with this herb. In particular, you can make gargle with a concentrated creature infusion and the effects will not be delayed.

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