The proportion of negative thoughts in the human mind is overwhelming! How bad this trend is, says an expert

The proportion of negative thoughts in the human mind is overwhelming! How bad this trend is, says an expert

Attention, our mind is dominated by negative thoughts, it is captured by them, and the effects are serious, in the long run.

Did you know that a man has between 50,000 and 70,000 daily thoughts simple and complex and yet 70% – 80% of them are negative? It is shown that in the negative thoughts section we are all specialists and we excel at this topic. We have the tendency to predominantly bring negative thoughts to the surface when we have a few minutes of silence.

In the opinion of Dana Predu, the thought is the foundation of our existence, because from it everything was born around us: from blocks, ships, bridges to virtual reality. "Thought is the real cell of the soul, and from it comes the reality. If 70-80% of our thoughts are negative or strongly negative, then it is easy to understand that the world will look bad. Let's look at the corners of the world where people hate each other because of different religion or skin color. Let's look in history, no more than half a century ago. From a simple destructive thought, that some are more worthy than others, and those different from us have to die, a whole genocide has been born, the darkest page of our modern history has been born. Why did this happen? Because that horrible thought was disseminated and intoxicated the minds of many, "says Dana Predu, author of the book" Minute of mindfulness. "

When negative thoughts appear in our minds, the expert in mindfulness recommends that we follow 3 simple steps.

Notice the thought. "If you are disturbed by the thought that invades your mind, simply write down the paper and notice its pattern. Most of the time, when we notice something outside ourselves – recte, the one on a sheet of paper – we have the ability to analyze it objectively, we have the possibility to see it matrix. It's just like when we can not see the forest because of the trees and we have to take steps behind to see the whole picture, "explains Dana Predu.

Do not judge the thought, do not suppress it. "We often tend to empathize with our own thoughts or, on the contrary, to hate them, to consider them. To overcome negativity, we have to let her go, not suppress it. Some are banishing their black thoughts by running on the beach, others going to breathe fresh air, others walking in the woods, others simply leaving the house. Destructive actions – such as phone tapping, isolation from the world – do nothing but suppress negative thoughts that will refute in the most inappropriate moments, "says Dana Predu, expert in mindfulness.

"Cause thought, the line of thoughts" with the question: "Are they solving something if they bring negative thoughts at the moment?" "Ideal is to cultivate the ability to choose a thought to the detriment of another. Contemplate your negative thoughts, laugh at them, look in the mirror and realize that those thoughts are not part of you, but they parasite you, they have the purpose of feeding on your accumulated rage, with your sadness. When we do not run out of negativity but face it, it will realize our strength and will stay away from us, "concludes Dana Predu, author of the book" Minute of mindfulness. "

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