The reason why some women do not have orgasms. What mistake do men make in the bedroom?

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Only 57% of women have orgasms during a love affair with their partner, according to a survey. By comparison, men have orgasm in 95% of cases.

The survey was attended by 2,300 women between the ages of 18 and 40.

Part of the explanation is related to the anatomy of the woman, say the researchers, but also to the attention and time that men devote to pleasing their partners. Half of the women interviewed said that in cases where they had no orgasm they were close, but the partner "lost" the moment.

At the same time, around 38% of women claim that they did not have sufficient stimulation of the clitoris, an organ that significantly helps achieve orgasm.

The women have also accused that they are not getting enough attention from their partner. Although 78% of the interviewees said that they care about their partners if they had orgasms, 78% of the women stated that there was at least one circumstance in which the partner had orgasms without being interested in their pleasure.

Furthermore, 67% of the women who participated in the survey admitted that they had to simulate an orgasm.

Women need security

In the opinion of the sexologist Gabriela Marin, it has long been believed that novelty and effervescence are the elements that spice up the couple's relationship or sexual life, but recent theories have shown that change and rapidity unbalance us, and man's fundamental need is safety.

“A fulfilled sex life is based on emotional security, both for the woman and for the man. The parasympathetic vegetative nervous system, which comes into operation when we relax, increases the sensitivity to touch, as well as the excitation of the genital organs and the onset of orgasm, which makes the sexual experience truly fulfilling. Women in particular need to feel completely safe in order to relax. Indeed, sometimes new experiences can be stimulating, but their effect is only intense in the short term. Why? Because it activates adrenaline throughout the body, an effect that passes pretty quickly. After the adrenaline rush, we will feel apathetic, hopeless and quite indifferent to our partners, ”explains psychologist Gabriela Marin.

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