The secret of the beauty of geysers: miracle oil that prevents wrinkles, strengthens nails and regenerates hair

The secret of the beauty of geysers: miracle oil that prevents wrinkles, strengthens nails and regenerates hair

Camellia oil is considered a kind of "Asian olive oil", where the product has been used in countless fields for thousands of years. In the rest of the world, this treasure of Asia has only recently become known and appreciated. Using this oil in your daily diet or for skin and hair care will bring you significant benefits. Camellia is part of the tea tree family, and the oil so precious for health and beauty is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the plant. The product is also called "green tea oil".

Night makeup or cream
Camellia oil can be used as an emollient for dry skin and also works as an anti-acne treatment (apply with a pad on the affected areas and wash the face with warm water after half an hour). It is a light oil, which absorbs quickly and can be successfully used for moisturizing and softening the areas affected by drying. You can also use the oil as a cleanser (then remove it), but also as a night cream. It has the quality to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and to "tame" the existing ones. It also blurs stretch marks and scars if used regularly for long periods.

Repair the nails
You can also get more beautiful nails with this oil. Massaging the nails with a few drops every evening will see them grow faster. Also, the oil treats the nails exfoliated, rendering them shine. Just a massage, once a day, with a few drops.

Mask against split ends
It is said that this product obtained from pressing the seeds of the tea tree was one of the secrets of the beauty of the famous geysers. They were used by him to treat dry skin or cracked lips. Also, they soaked their hair at night in this oil, so that the hair ornament would be shiny and healthy. If you have dull hair with split ends, apply camellia oil combined with a little water along the length of the strands, then cover the head with a hot towel. Keep this mask until the towel has cooled. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo, then apply the ordinary conditioner, where you have dripped some camellia oil.

It stops the evolution of cancer

In China, camellia oil is commonly used for cooking, especially in salad dressings, steaks and marinades, being highly appreciated due to the high levels of Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body and the control of the process. getting older.

Also, many cosmetics – lip glosses, moisturizers, foundation or soaps – are based on this product.

According to Japanese researchers at the Institute for Food and Drug Safety, camellia oil supplements inhibit the evolution of metastases in lung cancer and melanoma (skin cancer). In Japan, patients are encouraged to consume this oil regularly.

Another study, conducted by researchers at Chung Hsing National University, showed that camellia oil is an excellent antioxidant. Traditionally, camellia oil was used by those suffering from ulcers, heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux. To do this, you should add it regularly in the food or take half a teaspoonful of oil half an hour before each meal.

The oil is found in the natural pharmacies.

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