The strongest medicinal plant is available to anyone. Here's how sick he treats

The strongest medicinal plant is available to anyone. Here's how sick he treats

The medicinal plant that is available to anyone and can treat a variety of conditions. It also has soothing effects and "cleanses" the blood. It is recommended internally in cases of bloating, gall bladder disorder, gastric insufficiency, intestinal atony, gastritis, stomach pain, liver disorders, bloating, irregular menstruation, fever, loss of appetite.

External worm tincture is applied to heavily healed wounds, ulcers, skin patches and insect bites.

Wormwood was used in the past to eliminate intestinal parasites. Besides these effects, wormwood and tincture is also recommended in liver and gallbladder problems, indigestion or loss of appetite.

He treats intimate illnesses

For its antiseptic qualities it can be used with great results in treating purulent wounds. Boil the wormwood and wash the purulent wound three times a day.
Prepared in the form of tea, it helps in most of the diseases specific to women, except pregnant and nursing.

Use 2 tablespoons of wormwood infusion in one liter of water, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate and wash the intimate area with this solution, evening evening, for 14 consecutive days. The treatment can be done in parallel with the one recommended by the gynecologist. Vaginal cleansing with wormwood can also be done to restore flora and reduce abnormal secretions, itching, and stinging.

Medieval monks put the wormwood in the ink they wrote so that the mice would not bury the inscriptions. In Austria and Germany, the wormwood liqueur was prepared, which was later forbidden because of its habitual effect, and bitter wines in Italy, which contain bitter substances in small quantities, have a beneficial effect on the appetite.


Tea (infusion)
A teaspoonful of wormwood in a cup (250ml) of boiling water leaves half a minute, sneezes, and drinks three or more cups of tea daily. Gargle with infusion of wormwood leaves is recommended to remove the unpleasant odor of the mouth.

In a beaker (100 ml) with concentrated refined alcohol (70 degrees) place four tablespoons of wormwood. Leave for 7 days, then use three times 8-10 drops daily.

A pinnacle tip with wormwood powder is used to treat liver disease.

A fist of wormwood to 2 liters of boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes then bathe in areas with purulent wounds.

Volatile oil
Volatile oil from wormwood improves cardiac activity and stimulates the central nervous system.


Pelin is not given to pregnant women in any form, because it can cause miscarriage. Neither nursing mothers should not consume wormwood because it can seriously harm the baby.
Pelin is contraindicated for people suffering from nervous system disorders, very weak patients and those suffering from acute intestinal infections.

Wormwood misuse causes mental disorders, memory loss, nausea and tremors. Wormwood treatments do not take more than two weeks.

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