The summer solstice of June 21 and the magic ritual of fulfilling wishes

The summer solstice of June 21 and the magic ritual of fulfilling wishes

The summer solstice is one of the most magical days of the year. It is the longest day of the year and highly energetically and symbolically loaded.

It is said that the desires made today are fulfilling! In order to attract wealth, it is good to wear a gold jewelery, which before you put it in a dish with dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme and camomile, plants that relate to the deep connection with the earth. And for health, bathe in a river or lake as part of a symbolic ritual of rebirth.

In folk belief, summer solstice is said to be beneficial to changes in love, health, and prosperity. Magic practiced during solstice has the power to materialize desires or aspirations hard to accomplish. On the day of the solstice, at the poles, the sun is constantly visible at a height slightly above 23 degrees on the celestial vault.

It is said that the energy of summer solstice is considered the energy of passion, creativity, virility and abundance. If you bathe in lakes or rivers this day, the effect is a curative and a ritual of rebirth. In some parts of the country, the dew wash that gathers on the eve of solstice is a magical beauty practice.

Often, the sun's day or the summer solstice, as the phenomenon is known, has been associated with a lot of popular traditions with new beginnings. The summer solstice is a holiday day highlighted by parties, songs, dances, big fires and outdoor picnics. Thousands of years ago, summer solstice was the occasion to calculate the important moments of agricultural work. Also, the sun's day was a popular year for organizing weddings and parties. In Romania, together with the summer solstice, the feast of Sânzienelor, also known as Drăgaică, is celebrated on 24 June. Sânzienele are also referred to in the people as "the cuckoo" as the bird sings 3 months a year, from the spring echinoctium (around March 21) to the summer solstice or until Sânziene on 24 June. A word from the people says that if the cuckoo stops singing by Sânziene, a dry summer follows. Also on June 24, Christians celebrate the birth of St. John the Baptist.

The summer solstice of 2019 will take place on Friday, June 21, at 18.54, marking the beginning of the astronomical summer.

In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is dated around June 21; respectively, in the southern hemisphere, the same solstice is temporally placed around December 21, according to

The name of the solstice ("The Sun Stays") is given by the fact that at that time the gradient of the Sun's movement changes in relation to its declinations. The twilight has its maximum duration in the year and, at elevated latitudes, the twilight is prolonged all night, the inhabitants of the respective regions being witnesses of the beautiful "white nights".

From astrological point of view, the day of the summer solstice is the day the Sun enters the Cancer zodiac.

So astronomical summer starts on Friday, June 21, at 18.54.

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