The tetanus vaccine. How long after a puncture should be given

Let the saint bite a wild animal or a dog in Galati and Braila!

The tetanus vaccine was mandatory in this case! An 11-year-old boy from Ciprian Porumbescu, Suceava, died in the County Emergency Hospital (SJU) in Suceava, after, while he was playing, he got stuck in a nail, and his mother would not. be taken immediately to the doctor for tetanus vaccine.

According to the family doctor Ioana Cîşlariu, the child arrived at the clinic on August 26 because he was not feeling well, he was sent to the hospital with suspicion of upper respiratory diseases. He was sent home from the hospital, and the next day the doctor was called to the patient's home, because his condition would not have been good. The family doctor saw him and recommended sending the ambulance to the hospital, which happened.

At the same time, Cîşlariu said that the mother did not show up with the child, prior to this episode, to be consulted about any puncture in her foot, informs Agerpres.

The family doctor said that the child had been given the doses of tetanus vaccine according to the epidemiological calendar and that this was verified by the inspectors of Suceava DSP.

"He came to the clinic with his mother (…) I thought he was a laryngitis, a respiratory condition (…) I sent him to ENT, they saw him and he was sent home (…) The next day he was hurt and I was called home. When I got there it was better, I could breathe (…) However, I told them to call for rescue (…) He is vaccinated according to the vaccination program (…) He did not come to the cabinet when he got stuck, "he told Agerpres family doctor.

The condition of the child in the hospital worsened, and on August 30 he died from tetanus infection.

The medical director of SJU Suceava, Mircea Macovei, told the media that the child's mother would not have told the doctors that her son was trapped in a nail and that there could be no negligence on the part of the doctors.

"The mother never said, nor did she know about the sting of the patient in the sole (…) The patient was not vaccinated (n.r.- when he was injured) (…) When he arrived at the hospital, in ten hours we had that vaccine. He was vaccinated in the hospital. The puncture in the sole was old, it was never declared, he came for something else. He had respiratory problems. He had to be vaccinated with tetanus at the time of the bite or at the latest within 24 hours. The event is unfortunate (…) We need to be aware, if we cut ourselves off we go to the hospital or to the family doctor. I think it was not a negligence of the doctors, ”Macovei said.

The director of DSP Suceava, Liliana Grădinariu, told Agerpres that no one had filed a complaint in this case, but the institution was notified, it was about tetanus, and epidemiological inspectors went to the medical office of Ciprian Porumbescu to check the files vaccination and found that the vaccines were made as scheduled.

"No one filed a complaint. She doesn't even notice what she did as long as she (the child's mother) acknowledges that she didn't inform when the child was stabbed (…) She didn't tell anyone when it happened (…) The woman said everywhere that she didn't also said that he has no reproach (…) Vaccination to be effective should be done in the first hours (…) If you arrive after a week at the hospital, the hospital had no more to vaccinate at that time (…) He went (no-doctor) epidemiologist at the family doctor's office) due to the diagnosis of tetanus infection (…) The institution must go to check (…) She said everywhere that she did not say about the sting in which, ”the director of the DSP Suceava said.

Careful! Any small scratch requires a tetanus vaccine, not just when it comes to rust. Without vaccination, our lives are endangered.

The most dangerous are sting wounds Whether we get stuck in a chop or fish, in scales or hooks, or if we are scratched / bitten by a dog or cat, even immunized according to the veterinarian's recommended schedule, the tetanus vaccine is required within 48 hours.

Otherwise, tetanus toxin can block the respiratory system in the absence of rapid treatment: "We did not clean well, could not penetrate deep, this spore microbes, begin to develop, produce a tetanus toxin, which causes some contracts, sometimes generalized, that can lead to the death of people ”, declared Adriana Moțoc, primary physician infectious diseases. The anti-tetanus vaccine is registered in the national immunization scheme from childhood, but the anti-tetanus antibodies provide protection for five years from the last vaccination, as in the case of adults. So, if you have followed the scheme and vaccinated your little ones, remember that a child over the age of 8-9 needs a new vaccine.

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