The third-class exercise that has “crushed” the Internet. Why do not people know the right answer, where is the trap?

This exercise is found in the third-grade mathematics textbooks, the children resolve it in two minutes, but some adults are flagrantly mistaken when it comes to the correct answer.

The main error occurs because the order of operations is not observed. So here’s why result 1 is wrong. This exercise has become viral and has received thousands of comments on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

So why are people so upset when asked to solve the exercise:

6 : 2 (1 + 2) = x

There have been real disputes in the online environment, which come with another answer.

How to solve this exercise and what is the right result. Quite simply, we respect the order of operations. First we solve the parenthesis. In this case, the assembly.

In math exercises three types of brackets are used. These are: braces {}, straight [] and round (), and always appear in pair.

Solving an exercise in which the three brackets appear is done as follows:

We first perform the operations in the round brackets, then write the exercise again, and convert the brackets into straight brackets, and the brackets straight in round brackets, putting the result obtained instead of the round brackets.

We continue with the operations in the brackets – () -, write the exercise again, turning the brackets straight – [] – into round brackets – () – taking care to replace the result obtained previously.

We have reached the last operations in the round brackets, which we will perform.

It should be noted that when performing the operations in the round brackets, we take into account the sequence of operations: first the second order operations (multiplication and division), then the order I (addition and subtraction).

No sign between 2 and bracket result means multiplication. The operation has the same order, so it will be solved in the natural order, from left to right.

Here’s the right order:

1 + 2 = 3

6 : 2 = 3

3 x 3 = 9. So 9 is the answer to the exercise that has exacerbated so many people.

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