the truth about allergies and intolerances

Mihaela Bilic has revealed! These are the drinks that cut the appetite of sweet

Doctor Mihaela Bilic: the truth about allergies and intolerances and how they influence our diet

Doctor Mihaela Bilic talks, in a new Facebook post, about allergies and intolerances that scare Romanians. Are they the new "scarecrow" in our lives?

The fact that the number of allergies and intolerances has increased, is undeniable. But the essential question would be: what was the egg or chicken first? Because presenting allergies and intolerances as a consequence of not knowing how to eat healthy seems like a mistake.

Lately, there have been a lot of "associations" and "academies" concerned with our education and well-being. Behind them are sometimes doctors and most often people skilled in psychology, advertising and communication. I recently received such a leaflet aimed at educating the population, but also those of the hotel / tourism / restaurant industry regarding the risk of allergies and intolerances in the public food. How was the information presented? In my opinion alarmist and unclear?

When you say that 1 in 10 people have allergies, you leave the feeling that the allergy is rather normal, something so common that public health measures need to be taken. Then were presented the 5 main allergens in Romania, identified empirically by the respective association based on a questionnaire !?

In addition to the ease with which such claims are released, there is serious confusion between allergies and intolerances. To my knowledge, there are no allergies to dairy products, but only intolerances caused by lactase deficiency. Allergy to milk proteins has only a few babies or young children, but it definitely disappears with age. And does gluten have the same mechanism, in which case it is either celiac disease (for which there is a clear diagnosis) or relative intolerance confirmed by more or less accurate tests?

Allergy to nuts, peanuts and egg proteins on a par with lactose and gluten intolerance seems like a mistake to me. Just as exaggerated, I find the warning made to those in the public about the seriousness of these allergies, writes Mihaela Bilic on her personal Facebook page.


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