The University of Arizona has the solution for any fracture! Discovery

The University of Arizona has the solution for any fracture! Discovery

An Arizona professor has invented a flexible carbon fiber fabric designed to be inserted into and around a fractured bone.

This could eliminate the need for gypsum in fractures. The technology has been licensed for an enterprise and has already received venture capital funding to move it further to the medical field.

When an animal or man suffers a fracture, sometimes a traditional solution is not a viable option due to the location or nature of the fracture. To solve the problem, Professor Hamid Saadatmanesh of the University of Arizona invented a flexible carbon fiber fabric, designed to be inserted into and around a fractured bone.

Thus, with this new fiber-based technology, the fracture will be able to be repaired from the inside, especially within the open fractures. The fabric is filled with an inert polymer to inflate the fabric, which then acts as a permanent rod, without having to extract it in the future.

Saadatmanesh, a professor at the College of Engineering, authorized the technology and founded a company, MediCarbone Inc. to market the invention. He started off with a successful start, after receiving investment funding from UAVenture Capital, a Tucson-based venture capital fund dedicated to marketing the discoveries, innovative products, technologies and services that appear in UA (University of Arizona ).

"We are thrilled by Dr. Saadatmanesh's innovation in bone repair, which is a real invention, and because of the difference it can make in medical applicability and the lack of a similar product on the market, this invention will be a real success," the authorities said. .

"This kind of creative application of carbon fiber technology is yet another example of how Arizona is committed to advancing the fourth industrial revolution," said university representatives.

This discovery is already the ninth, with eight different projects of Professor Saadatmanesh already being sponsored by the UAVenture Capital fund. All of these projects have areas of wide applicability and are interesting signals of Dr. Saadatmanesh's research and amazing examples of the kind of impact that the University of Arizona can produce globally through research. Thus, UA President Robert C. Robbins is very pleased with such initiatives.

"The ability to accelerate the University of Arizona's discoveries on the market is an integral part of our role as a global university. We place particular importance on granting credits to those who make such discoveries and we acknowledge that there is a fundamental importance of research and technological discoveries in our new strategic plan. We are delighted that UAVenture Capital continues to engage in the involvement and sponsorship with impressive amounts of our University to help create an ecosystem of research, innovation, invention and commercialization. And I am delighted every time I find out that some of the inventions that change the world are made precisely by our University, by the students and staff of this institution, who are fully enjoying the opportunities we offer here at the University of Arizona. ” said UA President Robert C. Robbins.

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