The unknown causes of tumors on the brain. Go to a neurosurgeon if you have these symptoms!

Prevention can extend the memory age up to 80-100 years. Here are some tricks neurologists recommend to keep our brains young

Brain tumors occupy an important place in neurosurgical pathology, being also the main cause of oncological death in both children and adults under 40 years.

"Tumors on the brain have especially affected active people, with social responsibilities. These tumors strike people between the ages of 40 and 60. Their drama revolves around a larger group. There is a global concern about this subject, not just us. The patients arrive at the hospital rather in a state of emergency than they are aware ”, warned prof. Univ. dr. Mircea Gorgan medical director at the Emergency Clinical Hospital "Bagdasar-Arseni" in Bucharest.

Among the known causes of brain tumors include: noxious (lakes, volatile paints), viral infections (with retroviruses in particular), working in conditions that stimulate certain organs (where sonar, vibration), as well as nitrites.

"There are too many causes to eliminate them," said the neurosurgeon. So, the best solution remains the presentation to the doctor at the first signs that betray this type of tumors. These include:

– an unexpected loss of consciousness,

– motor deficiency – shaking hand or foot,

– sudden irritability,

– headaches that last for days in a row (they can hide a vascular or tumor cause). "Many cases of brain tumors are discovered by accident, in routine tests," said the doctor.

What are the treatment options for tumors on the brain?

Depending on the type, location, size of brain tumor, there are 3 different treatment options, including surgical treatment, radiation and chemotherapy.

Usually, the standard treatment method for all benign tumors, depending on their location, is surgery. However, depending on the type of tumor and if it is malignant, additional treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy may be given after surgery.


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