These are the foods that help you have a healthy liver

These are the foods that help you have a healthy liver

These are the foods that help you have a healthy liver

The liver, the largest organ in the human body, performs most of the functions in the body, over 500. It helps with the processing of what you eat, drink, it metabolizes the carbohydrates, the lipids, the secretion of the bile.

For the health of the human body, it is essential for the liver to function properly. Find out what you can do to keep it healthy for as long as possible.

Chaotic lifestyle, sedentary, chaotic eating, alcohol consumption, and smoking seriously harm the liver.

Here's what you can do to keep the liver healthy:

  • Limits alcohol consumption. It is known that alcohol destroys liver cells and there is an increased risk of alcoholic cirrhosis.
  • Avoid extra pounds. Obesity seriously damages the liver. That is why you need to do sports, eat balanced, fat-free and fast-food, and not be sedentary.
  • Moisture yourself properly. Drink at least 2 liters per day on the water. Do not forget: when you are dehydrated the toxins accumulate in the body and are not eliminated.
  • Do your blood tests at least once a year. Including those for hepatitis. For hepatitis B there is a vaccine, which is good to do.

Foods that help your liver:

  • It is a fruit that contains antioxidants that have the role of protecting the liver naturally. The protective effects of grapefruit are known in two ways – by reducing inflammation and protecting cells. A glass of fresh grapefruit juice helps release detoxifying enzymes and helps wash carcinogenic toxins. In addition, there are studies showing that the antioxidants in this fruit can reduce the development of liver fibrosis.
  • There are studies that claim that cranberries have the role of protecting the liver from toxins.
  • They contain resveratrol that brings a lot of benefits to the liver, including helping to reduce inflammation, but also succeeds in preventing the increase in antioxidant levels.
  • Beet. Specifically, sugar beet juice protects the liver from oxidative damage and inflammation, all of which increase natural detoxifying enzymes.
  • This fruit helps the body produce glutathione, a necessary compound for cleaning the liver from dangerous toxins.
  • Being rich in pectin, apples contain the constituents needed to clean the body and release toxins.

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