These supplements destroy the body in just 10 minutes! Millions of people use them

These supplements destroy the body in just 10 minutes! Millions of people use them

Iron supplements, taken by millions of people around the world, can destroy the body in just 10 minutes, according to a new study.

Tests have shown a rapid DNA damage following the use of these supplements.

During the laboratory studies, the researchers found that the high level of iron from supplements may be harmful. Iron supplements contain 10 times more iron than necessary for health.

Iron is an essential element. Many pregnant women take it and are used to treat anemia, a condition caused by the low level of this mineral.

Dr Claire Shovlin, author of the study at the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, told MailOnline that men need about 8.7mg of iron per day and women 14.8mg a day.

100g of roast contains 3 mg of iron, while the same amount of spinach contains 2.7 mg.

The lower iron supplements found in pharmacies contain about 14 mg of iron, equivalent to the dose we need daily. However, some people are prescribed higher doses of iron. They may contain from 65 mg of iron upwards.

Dr Shovlin and his team tested the effects of such a dose on endothelial cells located on the edges of the arteries and veins.

After treating cells with an iron dose comparable to those found at pharmacies and in less than 10 minutes, cells began to be affected. Their repaired DNA was activated and it stayed for another six hours. "All body cells have repair DNA systems. But when you take iron supplements, these systems have to "work" more, "the doctor explained.

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