They are the star fruits of the season! Why it is good to eat cherries

They are the star fruits of the season! Why it is good to eat cherries

Their appearance is one of the most appetizing, of all fruits in the world.

Taste … no more to say. Always varied but delicious. They are so versatile that you never know what to expect. Sweet, sweet, bitter, white, pink, red, cherry, an overflow of rich colors and flavors.

But beauty does not stop to look. The health benefits are huge and you definitely do a 2-day cherry cure.

And you do not throw them. Keep them and dry them, cherry tea has huge benefits in kidney problems. But here's why it's good to eat cherries:

Cherries can help you sleep better

One thing less known about these fruits is that cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the cycle of rest. While commercial melatonin supplements usually have side effects (headaches, nausea, strange dreams and dizziness), cherries do not have anything. The advice of the specialists is to eat cherries one hour before bedtime.

Cherries are good for heart and circulatory system

Speaking of melatonin, researchers have found that people who have heart attacks tend to have low melatonin levels, which can be repaired by cherry consumption. A compound present in cherries – polyphenol – has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention of blood clot formation, according to In addition, anthocyanin, also present in cherries, protects blood vessels from oxidative stress, which implies that cherries can help prevent arterial plaque formation.

Cherries are good for the brain

The same compounds mentioned above – melatonin, polyphenols and anthocyanins – have shown beneficial effects on brain functions. All three protect the brain cells from oxidative stress and play a role in preventing various forms of dementia.

Cherries are a natural anti-inflammatory

According to specialists, anthocyanins reduce inflammation approximately as well as medications prescribed by the doctor, with the indication that the cherry does not have any side effects.

Cherries can be considered the natural medicine that increases performance

Cherry consumption can help athletes get rid of post-workout pain in the muscles, which can result in several days of training and less time to rest. The effect has been demonstrated both in terms of long distance running and strength training.

Cherries can prevent gout attacks

When gout patients – a complex and very painful form of arthritis – ate cherries for only two days, the risk of a gout attack dropped by 35 percent compared to those who did not eat these fruits.

Cherries can help prevent cancer

Anthocyanins in cherries have shown an effect of diminishing cancer cells and stimulating their destruction. More specifically, the results have shown that they reduce the growth rate of colon cancer cells.

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