This is the ideal dessert, the most satisfying for the brain

This is the ideal dessert, the most satisfying for the brain

Mihaela Bilic confessed that she has reached the point of her career as a nutritionist in which she wants to share as many secrets as possible, often kept hidden.

Mrs. Doctor is appreciated by Romanians, where thousands of people watch her online interviews and posts.

Therefore, he wanted to make a disclosure for 90 days on his Instagram account, with food and food and drinks that he says are not as bad as they are hungry, stating that it is not about financial interests or creatives. Starting slalom among controversial products, the doctor came to the desert chapter, a sensitive topic. We already know that dessert can seriously affect our figure, but Dr. Mihaela Bilic thinks that we can't restrain sweet cravings all the time. But we can choose the least evil. Here is what his reign says about…. ice cream.

"Who said ice cream was only eaten in summer? In fact, ice cream is a dessert recommended in any season, at least because there is no other dessert more satisfying for the brain and more friendly for the silhouette.

From the nutrition point of view, the milk mixture with a little sugar absorbs slowly in the blood, and the amount of fat is much lower than other cakes (maximum 8-10%). Then the ice cream is aerated, "swollen" / expanded with air, even if the volume seems high, in fact the weight is much smaller, only half (eg a 1 liter box has only 500 grams).

Last but not least, ice cream is creamy, and its consistency stimulates in the brain an area responsible for pleasure. Any creamy food, whether it is whipped cream, ice cream, cream or banana, has this calming effect with good disposition that is not related to the composition of nutrients, but exclusively to the consistency.

All you have to do is choose your favorite brand and flavor and have some patience before tasting: everyone knows that ice cream is good when it starts to melt, so give it a few minutes after removing it from the freezer, to become creamy and delicious, "concludes nutritionist Mihaela Bilic on her Instagram account.


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