This is the key to all female orgasms

This is the key to all female orgasms

Point G was discovered by chance during a gynecological consultation by a German doctor named Ernst Grafenberg.

The name comes from the very first letter of the German gynecologist's family name. The miraculous discovery took place in the 1950s. Since then it has undergone many studies and experiments, there have been times when it was a real way to talk about it although the role of this intimate area is less important than that of a clitoris for life fully satisfactory sexual relations.

The exact location of these areas would be in the region between the perineum and the mountain of the pubis. Point G can be stimulated by touch, technique used by some women and masturbation. The effect of reaching this point leads to a profound ejaculation. The orgasm thus obtained is considered the most powerful and pleasant orgasm, being different from vaginal or clitoral orgasm.

The first step toward understanding Point G – the clitoris

In order to understand the operation of Point G, it is necessary to first review the information about the clitoris. As probably everyone knows, the clitoris is an ultra-sensitive organ, looks like a button and is located near the anterior junction of the small labia above the opening of the urethra and vagina. It's somewhat the female equivalent of the penis, but it's actually a much greater sensitivity. It is usually only a gentle touch of this organ to help a woman feel a state of excitement.

Most women claim that clitoral simulation can bring orgasm faster. The clitoris can be stimulated and indirectly during sexual intercourse, but the maximum state of excitement can be achieved by direct stimulation.

It is important to directly stimulate the clitoris precisely because many couples get dissatisfied with their intimate life because of the woman's impossibility to reach orgasm, because clitoris can not be stimulated enough indirectly during the act itself.

Point G – The "root" of the clitoris The above information is important when talking about G Point, because this point is actually the inferior part or "root" of the clitoris and its nerves, which can be stimulated inside the vagina, although the way women's reaction is much more varied than in the case of clitoral stimulation. Some of the women are very happy to be touched in the G-Point area, and others find it annoying.

If you want to experience, it is very important to be as open as possible to new things, to communicate with your partner. There is no "so no" or "yes yes". Every pleasure can be acquired differently. It is important to communicate and tell each other what you like and what does not. One of the advice that specialists offer would be that, due to the fact that Point G is such a sensitive area, and its reactions may be so unexpected, women will be the ones to explore their own body and their own reactions after to share with their partner what they liked and what did not.

You found Point G, what are you doing with him now?

Point G is 3-5 cm deep on the anterior face of the vagina. Specifically, it is halfway between the posterior bone of the pubic bone and the upper part of the cervix. However, the size and location of this point may vary from woman to woman.

Point G can give the reaction of pleasure following a constant pressure on this tissue, generally tougher touches than in the case of clitoral stimulation, since G is a tissue dampened by the urethral sponge. Stimulation of the G-point can be done with the fingers, generally a slight left-right movement, if too much pressure is put in one place, it could even be on the urethra itself, which would give a state of inconvenience.

To understand how far people have been searching for and exploring this G-point, it is good to know that sex toys have been invented specifically designed to stimulate this area or even to stimulate, for a stronger excitement, G Point and the clitoris at the same time.

Moreover, a new type of surgical intervention similar to plastic surgery is in fashion. It is possible to inject into the G-point area a certain substance that increases the surface of this tissue. Obviously, everything is meant to increase pleasure gained during sex. Such an operation may cost up to £ 1,000 in the UK, and the effect lasts only six months, after which it is possible to repeat the operation.

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