This plant is the most powerful natural antidepressant

Mihaela Bilic has revealed! These are the drinks that cut the appetite of sweet

Mihaela Bilic revealed to her online readers a secret well kept by the people of the villages. Which is one of the best plants, with multiple benefits for physical and mental health.

Here's what nutritionist Mihaela Bilic says about calling.

"The ringtone, the herb of the cure. I do not think there is a house in the country where a bunch of dry ringers is not hung on the beam. Or if not on the beam, somewhere in the pantry. Because that is how we grew up, the Romanians, with the sound of healing grass.

What we don't know is that other people call it the fairy grass, chase-devil, or St John's wort. Regardless of the name, the active substances, hypericin and hyperforin, along with 15 other antioxidant compounds, vasodilators, are important. For over 2500 years, its therapeutic effects have been multiple, amazing and incontestable, from treating depression to healing wounds, burns and infections. You may not believe it, but there is no cure for grass as complex as the caller. Here are the effects:

-antiseptic, astringent, healing

-analgesic, anti-inflammatory

-sedative, antispasmodic

-anxiolytic, antidepressant

-antioxidant, antiviral

Known to be the most potent natural antidepressant, St. John's wort increases the amount of serotonin in the brain and lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone). It saves you not only from the states of fear and anxiety, but it improves digestion, disorders of premenstrual syndrome, biliary disorders and circulatory disorders.

Stomach is a kind of multi-drug that Nature generously offers to us. It's just that we sometimes forget about the simple remedies, seduced by all kinds of exotic products that promise us the moon from heaven. She, the caller, really works, "concludes the nutritionist on his Facebook page.

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