This position invented by a sexologist offers guaranteed orgasm

This position invented by a sexologist offers guaranteed orgasm

According to statistics, only 12% of women have orgasms during penetration. If you are not one of the lucky ones, you have to know that there is a wonderful position that can help you in this. According to sexologists, the position is called HOW (Coital Alignment Technique).

In 1988, a researcher started to look for a way for the missionary's position to be more conducive to orgasm for women. So it came to invent CAT.

Despite the initial popularity, women lost interest in CAT in a few years. Fortunately, the position has returned to the area of ​​sexologists' interest!

They tell that some of their patients who had never had vaginal orgasm in the missionary position after three weeks of practice had an increase in orgasms by 56%.

What should you do

Essentially, CAT is a variation of the missionary position. The idea is that the base of your beloved penis or pubic bone maintains permanent contact with the clitoris.

At the same time, you must also align with the pace of penetration (instead of penetrating quickly, you should move both at a similar pace as a leaning move).

"In the traditional missionary, the base consists of a penetration of the type inside and outside," says Sonia Borg, a sexologist and author of the book "Spectacular Sex Moves He'll Never Forget" never forgot ").

"The problem here is that the penis does not get close to the clitoris, so many women have trouble getting orgasms," Borg said.

And while there are other positions that give the clitoris the right attention, in the missionary you feel very intimate with your partner – physically and emotionally. "The missionary favors visual contact and that is why the sensation of closeness is very intense," said Prof. Dr. Ian Kerner, a sexologist and author of "She Comes First".

Here's how to do it: sit down in the missionary and find the right angle for the pelvic area to be "connected" to your hot spot. So, stretch your back, let him get in and ask him to climb his body so his chest is near your shoulders, says Borg.

"Then, with the base of the penis on your clitoris, your loved one should go deep inside, but at a lower frequency – so that you can synchronize in a short-lived kind of back and forth."

Some women find it important to keep their legs straight or intact around his buttocks instead of knees bent and brought to the chest.

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