Three bad habits that make your heart sick

How to survive a heart attack if you are alone. First symptoms and first aid measures

Most cardiac events could be prevented by controlling the risk factors, of which the most known are smoking, sedentary lifestyle and excessive fat consumption. But few know that cardiovascular disease can also be caused by dehydration and sexually transmitted diseases.


A 2010 study by researchers at West Virgina School of Medicine on more than 30,000 people showed that people who sleep less than seven hours a night are at higher risk for heart disease.

For example, women over 60 who sleep about five hours a night have a double risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to those who get enough rest. "Lack of sleep leads to stiffening of the arteries, a situation that favors heart disease", draws the attention of Dr. Florin Mitu, cardiologist.


The habit of not drinking enough water can be really dangerous, especially in summer. "Dehydration lowers blood pressure and thickens blood, which increases the risk of heart attack. In addition, existing heart disease can worsen, "adds the cardiologist.

MAKE unprotected SEX

Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection that affects both men and women, can inflam the arteries. "The inflammation that Chlamydia causes can worsen atherosclerosis and, implicitly, myocardial infarction," says the specialist.

Among the most known causes of heart disease include smoking, eating high in fat, red meat and salt, alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle. "Because of smoking, blood clots can form that block blood flow from the heart and brain and contribute to the formation of cholesterol plaque on the artery walls," says cardiologist Florin Mitu, who also recommends reducing the consumption of animal foods. . "Only 10% of the diet should contain animal foods. Meat served three times a day is a danger ”. The doctor also recommends that you move at least one hour a day.


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