Tricks to Be Viril. What men do not have problems with potency

Tricks to Be Viril. What men do not have problems with potency

The tricks of men who have never had problems with potency have been revealed. Tricks to Be Viril. What should be done and, above all, what lifestyle should be adopted to never have disappointments in the bedroom.

The penis is the body with the highest personality in a man's body. Sometimes it packs too much, does not respond well to alcohol and gets noticed at the most inappropriate moments, and if it stays without the source of pleasure, it will be extremely frustrated.

Many men are aware that their penis will not perform impeccably every time. In a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, 85% of men aged between 20 and 39 can maintain their erection during sexual intercourse, and 15% of young people have trouble maintaining the erection.

Among men aged 40 to 59, only 20% have a proper erection.

Although no man can predict how the next erection will be, here is what you need to do to make sure you are healthy and strong.

Do sports. Cardio exercises are recommended to speed up blood flow. It is advisable to run, but do not get close to the bike. And do not wear tight equipment.

Quit smoking. The firmness of erections is directly related to the vice of smoking. The less you smoke, the more virile you will be.

Drink coffee a day. Smoking is contraindicated, but coffee will help you between bedding. Those who drink coffee are less prone to erectile problems, says a study.

Make your vasectomy. If you do not want children anymore, vasectomy will make you more confident, you will have sex without fear that your partner will become pregnant. This stress once removed, will help you perform honorably.

Be faithful. It is a common feature of those who mistaken not to have erections anymore.

Get rid of abdominal fat. Diabetes is the safest way to be single. Over 50% of diabetics are impotent. The disease affects penile activity, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and slows the transmission of stimuli in the body. And a numb penis will not be too well willing.

The best way to avoid diabetes is to be thin. If it is already too late, be vigilant with regard to blood glucose.

Do not force yourself too much during penetration. Every forced thing comes with repercussions. In this case, with the erection ceased and maybe even more serious: penis fracture!

Walk on foot. The more physical activities you make, the more time you can make love.

yawn. For the body, yawning is similar to erection. Both are controlled by nitric oxide. Do not yawn and have sex at the same time, but you craze when you feel.

Sleep. Sleep is vitally important, plus you will have between 3 and 5 long erections during your sleep. These are not unnecessary, they recharge your penis energy, oxygenating the blood that passes through it.

The more erections you will have, the more resistant you will be to their length, explains Dr. Laurence Levine, a urologist, for the menshealth magazine.

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