True BOMBE clock, you will never want to buy them again. Foods "cancer on bread" kill slowly and surely

True BOMBE clock, you will never want to buy them again. Foods "cancer on bread" kill slowly and surely

Pateu without liver and cheese flavor. Give up the "poisoned" food!

Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Mencinicopschi said in one of the TV programs that "absolutely all products in stores and supermarkets (theoretically – less eco) are full of chemicals." Here are some foods that kill you slowly but surely that we find in stores, according to

Vegetable patties and sausages. These products have over 12 E's in their composition! Vegetable sausages, soybeans, and soy salami are filled with chemicals, designed to make up for lack of raw material – the meat, to make the product sow as much taste, smell and color as the food it imitates. They are filled with poisons, flavors, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, dyes, allergens, and do not forget about pesticide residues, fertilizers, anti-pests, and all the chemicals with which the plants have been treated and which are found in them significant amounts.

Consumers of these products are threatened by a lot of diseases: phosphates prevent bone calcium fixation, children stop growing, people increase osteoporosis, increase obesity, gums for homogenization can not be digested by the digestive tract until 10 years, gastritis, ulcers , and the most ugly form of cancer: the colono-rectal.

The liver pate. In long periods, the liver pate had its constituent … liver, as the first ingredient. Today, most of the known (or less known) brands have a 15-25% pork liver – in a can of pork liver! Composition: bacon, sorice, wheat flour (!), Soybean protein, corn starch, water, iodized salt (taste, without specification), sugar, carmin (dyestuff) Sodium nitrite (E-250) as a preservative (potential carcinogen), E-colors for coloring, flavor enhancers and several types of preservatives at once.

Sausages, sausages, sausages, sausages, pies and generally all meat preparations are a cluster of unhealthy ingredients. The meat is used in very small quantities, the rest being tendons, soricles, gelatin, plus many dangerous food additives. Two of them, the most dangerous: sodium nitrite (E-250), carcinogen, and monosodium glutamate (E-621), a strong neurotoxic, can trigger Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's disease.

In 10 kg of finished product, we find 1.5-2.5 kg of liver, then a lot of water, bacon, finely ground nuts and the rest of the chemicals meant to "bind" the organic mass combination of animal origin.

Consuming this pate is as unhealthy as if you were to drink cola. It is not recommended for diabetics, but not for the rest of the consumers, as it may predispose diabetes.

Chicken crenvursti. It contains 40% mechanical meat, 60% water and bacon. 10 kg of breadcrumbs contain 4 kg of chicken breast. Meat mechanically removed from the bones is finely ground, along with bacon, chicken skin, then everything combined with water, spices, starch and soy. in the end it is colored with carmin and forms crenvurstii, packed in membranes, which boil and smoke before being placed in plastic bags, for sale.

These cravings are a health hazard, containing fat that can cause vascular disease, increase cholesterol, leading to obesity and osteoporosis.

Cheese melted with cheese

Ingredients: 30% cheese, water, 23% cheese, skimmed milk powder, potato starch, butter, melting salts (E-452, E-339), acidity corrector: sodium carbonate.

Melted cheese is a product obtained by melting and mixing ingredients with a polyphosphate (E-452) which causes slow calcium, magnesium and iron assimilation, resulting in bone atrophy and calcium deposits, and E-339, which emulsify and protects fats against wrinkling and stabilizes color. It has a laxative effect and can disturb the calcium / phosphorus balance.

Cheese without cheese

The product is made from vegetable oils and casein. It is also called "Edam flavor specialty". Ingredients: water, 28% vegetable oil, 10% casein, salt, emulsifiers: sodium diphosphates and sodium citrates, edam flavor, preservative: ascorbic acid, gelling: carrageenan , colorant: beta carotene.

The product has nothing to do with any cheese. Contains casein extracted from cow's or sheep's milk and a mixture of water, vegetable oils, sea salt, preservative, gelling and coloring emulsifiers, blended industrially and spiced with a suspected "flavor edam" that has no connection with Edam cheese, a typical Dutch product. It is recommended for sandwiches, salads and pizzas.

The preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes that it contains complicate the effects over time on consumers.

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