True honey is the most powerful medicine of nature! How we choose it and how we recognize it

True honey is the most powerful medicine of nature! How we choose it and how we recognize it

Beekeepers live long and are healthy even in old age. It has long been believed that it is due to bee stings, mumps or other hive products.

Research has shown that honey is the most important factor for longevity and health when it comes to bee products, says Virgil Virgilsen, a food industry technologist.

True honey is a true medicine. It matters enormously how it is obtained and how it is handled after the honeycomb leaks. It is important that the honey is not heated, as it loses its properties and even becomes harmful, according to the specialist.

Honey dissolves plastic much more than water, tens of thousands of times more plastic particles are found in honey packaged in plastic than in PET water. Never buy honey in plastic, in fact buy nothing in plastic!

Then honey is light sensitive. Don't buy honey on the roadside. Those producers who stay with honey wrapped in PETs on a stove in the sun, make sure you don't see them!

In the 60-90s the milk industry used large aluminum canisters. Then they proved to be poisonous, the aluminum is harmful in very small quantities, those canisters have come into the hands of beekeepers and keep them to this day for the storage of honey.

Honey can be falsified with invert sugar, directly by mixing, or indirectly by feeding bees with sugar syrup. I go to one of the beekeepers who know, on harvest days, with a jar of pickles, which I put in the centrifuge, examine the honey combs and buy 10-15 kg of honey, to reach me all year. If I need more later, I only buy frames with beech honeycombs. Whether it is a scam or a fool, chances are that the honey purchased is not really good. Anyone who wants real honey must have a close relationship with the beekeepers and be directly involved in its harvesting, concludes specialist Virgil Virgilsen.

Quality honey is the one that crystallizes after a few weeks after harvesting, while forged honey is fluid. All assortments of native honey crystallize within a period of one month to 3 months, with the exception of acacia and manna honey, which crystallize within 10-14 months after harvesting, according to Univ. Dr. Costel Stanciu, President of APC.

Crystallization of honey over time is a natural process. In conclusion, we can avoid falsehoods when we buy crystallized honey or immediately after it has been harvested, only if the source is a reliable one, which did not use additions like sugar syrup, molasses and dextrose. Forged honey does not crystallize! Honey forging is made with water, glycerin, sugar, glucose, dextrose, molasses, starch, flavors, dyes, synthetic sweeteners and preservatives. The constant consumption of counterfeit honey creates discomfort that manifests through headaches, dizziness, bloating, nausea.

When honey is forged with glycerin, sugar, glucose, dextrose, molasses and starch it can lead to chronic medical conditions, such as: cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis) and diabetes when falsifying this product. it is made with flavors, dyes, synthetic sweeteners and preservatives. I recommend to consumers to buy organic honey from shops where only such products are sold. ECO honey is not heat processed, so it retains its enzymes and contains no residues of pesticides and antibiotics. The price of ECO honey is double that of non-certified honey. The honey is stored in glass containers, tightly sealed, in a dry and cool place, away from the sun. The sensory characteristics of honey bees (color, smell, taste and consistency) depend on the type of flower from which it comes. For example: acacia honey has a light yellow color. Polyphlorous honey has a reddish yellow color, while hand honey has a dark brown to black with green reflections, according to Univ. Dr. Costel Stanciu, President of APC.


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