two orgasms per month prevent heart attack

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The secrets of manhood from the world's most famous amorous expert: two orgasms per month …

Doctor Ronald Virag, a French cardiovascular surgeon who specialized in erectile problems (he is the inventor of the injections used to treat this problem), recently published a book that promises to revolutionize men's love life.

By the age of 50, more than half of men already have problems with erection due to blood vessels, which deposit fat deposits that prevent blood from reaching the penis.It does not help that the testosterone level drops with the eyes .

However, studies show that constant sexual activity helps to improve erectile function and increases life expectancy. Only two orgasms a month, the researchers believe, are enough to prevent a heart attack.

And cardiologist Ronald Virag goes even further, saying that regular sex in old age protects the prostate and even prevents the penis from shrinking.

Depression is one of the conditions that can be the basis of the lack of sexual desire, but also more serious problems such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes or obesity. Although these conditions require specific treatment, a basic habit is able to prevent embarrassing episodes: sleep. While we sleep, the body repairs cells and tissues, including the groin. Not coincidentally night is the time when men have a series of involuntary erections (during the last 90 minutes of sleep), crucial for the health of the penis. Therefore, patients with problems are firstly advised to rest sufficiently.

Another secret to trigger erection is relaxation. When men are afraid of sexual failure, they give birth to a vicious cycle in which fear blocks their erection. In some cases, the situation worsens to the point where the penis, not being oxygen for lack of sex, becomes completely discharged, which doctors call impotence.


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