Wash the fruits and vegetables to clean them from chemicals and bacteria

Most plants are treated with herbicides and pesticides, which can be eliminated by using cleaning solutions.

Vegetables and fruits are “aggressed” in the same way, and they arrive in our homes: they are sprinkled in abundance to keep them as good as possible, and pickers, transport cars or market stalls can contaminate them with bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E .col. 

“Many pollutants and pesticides that remain on the surface of the food are lipophilic. Simply washing with water will not remove them.

Experts detail some ways to eliminate the dangers of these foods.


A traditional method is rinsing with water and apple vinegar . Fill a large bowl of salad with water in which you pour apple vinegar. Use about one tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water. Leave the vegetables or fruits in water for five minutes and then clean the miseries. In the case of potatoes, carrots or pasta, you can clean them using a clean brush. Then rinse thoroughly under a cold water jet. 


Put the vegetables in a bowl of water in which you added three to four teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate. Leave them for a few minutes and then rinse under a powerful jet of water. Sodium bicarbonate can also be used to clean the refrigerator to get rid of unpleasant odors.

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