What are the benefits of the Nordic diet? Find out what it is and how much you lose weight!

What are the benefits of the Nordic diet? Find out what it is and how much you lose weight!

The Nordic diet is already celebrating today! A lot of women around the world are following her and enjoying her effects. Specialists claim that you can lose 5 kilograms in a month and it's relatively easy to keep without hurting yourself.

Moreover, some doctors say that this diet is not just a way to lose weight, but a healthy way to eat. At the same time, the World Health Organization has formally recognized that the Nordic diet has clear health benefits and can help prevent disease.

The Nordic diet was invented by Nordic specialists in 2004, and its main advantage is the reduction of the risk for heart disease. Also, having very little saturated fat, salt and sugar seems to help fight obesity, prevent diabetes.

It assumes the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables

It's a diet that involves eating fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, seafood, fish. The Nordic diet, based on the Baltic Sea food pyramid, the Nordic diet is a food plan based on root vegetables, fatty fish and whole grains.

In many ways, the Nordic diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet. But the latter encourages the consumption of olive oil plus a glass of red wine a day. On the other hand, the Nordic diet supports rapeseed oil, and alcohol consumed with moderation. Based on a diet that consists of nutrients helps to relieve some diseases. But there are specialists who venture to say it would be better than the Mediterranean diet.

Here's what you are allowed to consume:

Basically, you can eat fruits, vegetables and seasonal foods. You can consume whole grains, fish. Forest fruits are encouraged. They are an excellent source of antioxidants that fight inflammation and prevent high blood pressure. It also encourages the consumption of beans and peas at the expense of meat. In addition, they contain a lot of nutrients but also vitamin B6, calcium, zinc and iron. But you can also eat carrots, red beets, potatoes that are high in calories, but also in fiber that helps digestion, lower cholesterol and fight infections. You can consume nuts and seeds that are rich in copper, potassium, vitamin E, antioxidants. But you need to consume as few sweets and processed foods as possible.

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