What are the fashion trends in 2020? Do not miss the wardrobe

What are the fashion trends in 2020? Do not miss the wardrobe

We always need inspiration for fashion, otherwise we tend to buy all kinds of clothing that we will never wear. So, what are the key items of 2020?

In this new decade, passing trends seem to find their place. We begin to look for pieces of resistance, which are not outdated and that we will be able to wear years in a row. Thus began the movement of the capsule collection, meaning a small collection of essential clothing, from which to make up your daily outfits.

This move is sustainable, realistic and practical for our pockets. Specifically, it means investing in quality pieces and no longer throwing money on "trendy" clothes, which you will either wear only one season or you will never have the courage to wear.

The pieces of 2020 are "clean", minimalist, durable and sometimes brave. They are, without a doubt, feminine and comfortable. You grow your confidence in yourself while allowing you to move around freely, to achieve all those things you dreamed of – both in the office and in your personal life.

Here's what to make your wardrobe in 2020, according to WhoWhatWear designers:

Dresses with clean lines, in the style of the 90s

The minimalism of the 90s, the one worn by Kate Moss, for example, will be very trendy in 2020, experts say. The simple, feminine lines are worn, which reveal a certain vulnerability and sensuality. Stylists believe that you can wear such dresses without any accessory, to accentuate the idea of ​​minimalism, but a simple necklace, at the base of the neck, may also be suitable.

Print with bullets

Female balloons will be in trend in 2020, especially worn on a black or white background, to give them a mature and minimalist look. Whether you choose a shirt, a blouse or a ball gown, you will make a style statement this year. If you do not like this print so much, you can opt for a scarf or a strip of paper.

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