What are the traditions and customs of August 15? What to do and what not to do with Saint Mary?

What are the traditions and customs of August 15? What to do and what not to do with Saint Mary?

On August 15, Christians celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Saint Mary the Great), a celebration reminiscent of the day when the Virgin Mary ascended to Heaven. About this day we find from four Eastern parents: the Modest Patriarch of Jerusalem, Andrei Critean, Gherman of Constantinople and Saint John of Damascus, who say that the Mother of the Lord would have received the news of her departure to the eternal ones from an angel. Here are the traditions and customs of August 15 and what you are allowed to do on this day of great significance!

In different areas of the country, women go to church, where they share grapes, honey bees, plums and incense graves, at the cemetery. In some parts of Moldova, because Saint Mary the Great is considered dead, all those with this name are mentioned and celebrated. At one point, on August 15, in the villages, the wedding season opened, which held until the entry of the Christmas post.

To this day it is forbidden to bathe in the rivers through which deer have passed and it is also forbidden to sleep on the porch. It brings misfortune and misfortune. Pregnant women are not allowed to clean this day, but they must pray to the Virgin Mary for an easy birth and beautiful and healthy children. Young girls are forbidden to cut this day. Also from August 15, being a holiday, do not wash, sew and do not work in the house. It is advisable not to ask yourself this day.

Tradition says that during the fasting of the Saint Mary, the girls living in the rural area dressed in their special costumes, white and preparing them for the pilgrimage on August 14 and 15 at the monasteries bearing the feast of Saint Mary. Some of these monasteries are Bixad, Rohia, Tismana, Brâncoveanu Monastery from Sâmbăta de Sus, Moisei, Nicula, Ciosa and many others.

Church people say that since the Blessed Virgin has left the tomb, we must seek her among the living. We must pray to her constantly, asking her to be with us always. Besides the fact that we always see her in icons and meet her in prayers, we must not forget that She is also reflected in our mothers.

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