What awaits us on 11.11. Energy portal with multiple benefits

What awaits us on 11.11. Energy portal with multiple benefits

11.11 is an energetic day, numerologists and esoteric enthusiasts say. Basically, it is a day when you can energetically devour yourself, since 11 is a master number, but also an angelic messenger.

11:11 is called the Awakening Code. The portal that can open the door to something new, to find yourself, the moment of awareness and the capacity to connect to the divine energy of the Universe.

As you are not just a mere human being, but a significant part of the Universe, with your own divine message, numbers are not just mathematical units, but they bring their own energy into the world, implicitly producing an essential change. And the harmonic numbers, in which certain numbers are repeated, bring more transformations than all the others, especially since the number 1 is charged by the power of the monad, the primordial, creative unit of the World.

The meanings of 11.11 are profound and transformative. It is said that at 11:11, on 11.11, energy gates are opened, which can change the world. It is time for a new beginning, new desires and mental settings.

We can send the Universe a signal of change, trying to connect with it vibrationally and spiritually, especially on a day of 11.11. The message can be powerful especially if we send it at 11.11.

Number 11 in numerology has a special symbolism. 11 is associated with spiritual enlightenment (one by one). It is the number that from a numerological point of view means idealism, vision, breaking down barriers, avant-garde, transformation.

It is said that on November 11, impressive phenomena associated with religion, fantasy, mysteries can occur. Mysterious or even divine occurrences can occur. At this time, many people were involved in all kinds of revelations.

On this day people can change their lives for the better. Humanitarian action is encouraged, dialogue is encouraged. It is a day favorable to reconciliation, communication, because it is a day when our spirits become more "wise". And the vibrations of this day will be higher. Exaltation will be at every turn, and people will feel for a moment that they are part of the same Universal Entire.

11 is one of the most powerful numbers that helps your personal transformation and is sometimes known as a "wake-up" or awareness code, ascension code or activation code. This numerical frequency activates certain neural pathways in your being to help you move to a higher level of consciousness.


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