What can hide sweet appetite?

What can hide sweet appetite?

What can hide sweet appetite?

Excessive sweating can lead to obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, but appetite itself can hide certain diseases, doctors say. Here are the most common:

Thyroid dysfunctions

Do you work more than 40 hours a week and do you feel tired anymore? Solve the problem with coffee in the morning and many sweets throughout the day? It could be the problems of the thyroid gland. Instead of drinking coffee, which drastically lowers energy and aggravates the appetite, drinks more water, avoids fast food and turns to grains, bread and whole pasta that keep energy for a longer period of time.

Parasitic infections

Is not a day gone by without having to wait for several slices of bread or a cake? Do you often face infections with fungi (such as the athlete's foot) or with bloating, diarrhea and constipation? Have you been treated with antibiotics or steroids for a long time? It can be a bacterial or parasitic infection that constantly requires sugar to multiply. Stress and treatment with steroids and antibiotics weakens immunity, favoring the emergence of all kinds of infections. Instead of sweets, you pass through lactate rich in probiotics, which regulates intestinal flora and rebuilds good bacteria.

Excess adrenaline

Are you extremely irritated when you are hungry? Are you stressed often? Do you feel dizzy when you get up suddenly? If you still urinate and feel a constant thirst, you can suffer excess adrenaline. When we are under pressure, the adrenal glands release adrenaline to cope with stress. The permanent stress causes these glands to become slow and constantly require sugar to work well. But the effects will be short-lived. The solution is to eat more protein (nuts, lean meat, eggs, dairy products) and avoid stressful periods as much as possible.


Are you over 38 years old, are you going from one mental state to another quickly, the menstrual cycle is irregular and you have a low libido? All of these signs can warn you that you will soon get into the menopause. The lower the estrogen and progesterone levels, the more women develop insulin resistance, which means an increased need for sugar. The hormonal disruptions that occur during this period make the body try to fill this gap and increase serotonin levels with sweets.

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