What diseases hide behind the problems of swallowing

What diseases hide behind the problems of swallowing

Sometimes, apparently without any particular cause, you start to notice certain problems of swallowing. Whether you need to take a pill, or you have to eat a piece of meat, a certain embarrassment when swallowed does not give you peace. Although it may seem a trivial symptom, it can give you a shit by not letting you follow the medication you have to follow.

You do not have to worry, because it is very likely to be just a banal symptom that goes by itself. But there are situations when it does not pass and hide serious health problems. Therefore, to eliminate any medical problem, go to a check with your specialist ENT specialist.

Doctors say that this symptom may indicate a mild cold, a laryngitis or, in severe cases, larynx cancer. If you still smoke the situation is even more urgent and it is almost mandatory to go to the investigating specialist. It is also very possible for the doctor to send you to both the endocrinologist and the neurologist. And do not laugh, if you're lucky to have all the medical investigations clean, without any hidden medical problems, then you'll get to the psychologist. Very often stress, depression, anxiety or even a panic attack have such symptoms. More specifically, psychologists claim that depressive states can lead to contraction of muscles of the esophagus, giving rise to certain difficulties in swallowing.

How to experience swallowing problems:

The person concerned has problems with swallowing drugs. Practically, there is the inability or pain to swallow, the feeling that food stuck in the throat. Horror, regurgitation, and drowning coughs appear.

Among the possible illnesses behind these symptoms are: achalasia, esophageal diffuse spasm, tumors, esophageal strictures, gastroesophageal reflux disease, certain neurological conditions – Parkinson's disease, sclerosis.

What analyzes will you do:

The main investigations you will be subjected to diagnosis are:

  • contrast x-ray,
  • superior digestive endoscopy,
  • NMR or CT,
  • esophageal monometry

The treatment will be determined by the doctor after a diagnosis. It is also possible to change the diet, for example, eating a liquid for a longer period of time. Sometimes medications will be prescribed, and in serious cases when there are tumors, they will work.

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