What do people tell about miraculous healings from the tomb of Arsenie Boca

What do people tell about miraculous healings from the tomb of Arsenie Boca

Miraculous healing of cancer, leukemia by prayers at the grave of Father Arsenie Boca.

Legends or not, this is what the people in the village tell, all pilgrims say, if you ask about the wonders of Prislop. Here are some of the strangest things: career women, who pray for their happiness, suddenly leave their job after returning from the grave to their home in Bucharest. Others simply find a husband when he expects less.

"My mother was very sick, doctors told her she had cancer, 99, 9%. And then I thought: God, if it is, zero and a few percent you can solve it! With that, I came here to the grave of Father Arsenie Boca and I asked him to cure my mother. And when the mother's results came miraculously, I had two tumor formations, they were both benign. My mother had dropped … And this story was amazing for doctors, they could not imagine how real it was, how did that really happen, "says Meda.

This happened a few years ago, and since then Meda comes to the grave of Father Arsenie Boca from Prislop (Hunedoara) each year to talk to him and thank him for his mother. He read that the father did miracles and healed both in his life and after death, but he did not imagine that he would ever happen like this.
Meda is not a 100% Christian practitioner, but since visiting the father's grave, he has given up everything through the cool blade of reason. "The most atheist of the atheists would feel that something was happening here at the grave. I think, in fact, looking for Father Arsenie, we're looking for God, "she says.

Since he still has questions about the miracle he has gone through, he came to a conclusion: "Scientifically, we will never be able to prove mathematically that God exists or not. You feel the heart of God. We must never give up rationalism. But the rational mind of man must be enlightened by God. "

Career women manage to set up a family after passing over to their father's grave
It happened to Ancai Racnea in Timisoara. He was 26 years old, a company organizing events and an enviable financial situation. Still, she was missing something. Tanjea after a true family life. "I prayed to the grave to help my father have a quiet family life. And, surprise, after about five months I met Laurentiu, whom I also married. And now I told my husband that we must return to the grave, thank Father for listening and helping us find us, "says Anca.

"I also had one of the many miracles happening at the tomb of the Holy Father Arsenie Boca. For three years I and my husband try to have a child without success. The investigations did not indicate that they were medical problems, but I could not get pregnant. In August 2013, we were totally at the grave of my father, and in September 2013 I was returning with my family to Prislop. The miracle sounds like this: a few days after the first visit to Prislop I was pregnant and a few days after the second visit (difference of one month) the pregnancy was confirmed. Everything went very well over the 9 months, with some health problems, but reading the Acatist of Saint Arsenie Boca and the Acatist of Saint Nectarius I managed to give birth to a healthy child, for which I thank the two Holy Fathers for helping me and they were with me, "tell Mihaela.

Another testimony: "I wish to share with you a recent miracle of the Holy Father Arsenie Boca: we have a 7 year-old girl who at the age of 3 started to have very serious but painful health problems for us and her. He chuckled quite often, coughing whole nights and making repeated overs. We did all sorts of treatments. This year, after two episodes of otitis, her condition has become worse and her worst has stopped hearing. It was a shock for us, it was like she was gone, she was withdrawn, she did not communicate with us … she almost had a strange behavior. We panicked and because our ENT Doctor was out of the country we went to another doctor and started another treatment that did not give any results, then another and after a month I was like that. We live in a small town and for consultation we have to go 60 km, get their service, and money on medication do not talk anymore … One week ago our doctor returned to the country and we decided with him to do an operation to remove polyps although it does not guarantee hearing return. All the time I had a fright in my soul that my little girl would stay like this for the rest of my life … I did not tell her or my husband for fear he would reproach me that I had no hope for the good God. This happened at the same time that my parents came to the Prislop Monastery, worshiping and praying at the grave of the Holy Father for the health of their niece. They brought it from there a little scarf that they touched upon the tomb and cross of the Holy Father. After 3 days my daughter was operated (we already had the appointment) the surgery went well and the same day we returned home. He had big pains in his throat but breathed better. I wrapped her scarf around his neck and after an hour he sneezed and … his hearing came back. The doctor told us that maybe a month later he will hear better and that he will need treatment with infiltration. I called him to give him the news, and he could only laugh at joy and wonder. We thank the Good God for healing, Saint Arsenie Boca who listened to the prayers of grandparents! "

For 22 years, Prislop has become one of the largest pilgrimage places in Romania. There is no one in it, people do not give up their elbows and do not even talk to each other, not to be troubled by prayer. If anyone forgot the open phone and someone just called him, a whole row of pilgrims turns his head to "factas," looking at him with reproof. No one is allowed to ruin the prayer. They all sit down, humble and humble. I think people of an unknown romania. On holiday days with thousands of pilgrims, waiting for the queue for hours or even rain or snow for a few seconds of happiness: let go kissing or touching the parent's cross.

Who was Arsenie Boca

Arsenie Boca (born September 29, 1910, Vaţa de Sus, Hunedoara – November 28, 1989, Sinaia Monastery, Prahova) is considered one of the great personalities of Romanian Orthodoxy. He was a hieromonk father, a theologian and church painter, abbot at Brâncoveanu Monastery in Sâmbăta de Sus and then at Prislop Monastery. With the establishment of the Communist regime in 1945, Arsenie Boca entered the Securitate's attention as opposition to the regime. Until the late 1950s, the abbot went through the plight of investigations and arrests. He was imprisoned at the Securitate in Brasov, then taken to the Canal. He arrived in the Jilava, Timisoara and Oradea prisons. After being released from communist jails, Arsenie Boca could not resume his priesthood. However, the Securitate followed him almost until the last few weeks before his death in 1989. The Prislop Monastery, where Arsenie Boca served in the 1950s and where he was buried, became one of the most crowded pilgrimage sites in Romania. People come and pray to his grave, many with the belief that pilgrimage will bring welfare or healing of affections.

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